2001 jeep grand cherokee check engine light

check engine light - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
(2001JeepGrandCherokee). user69051 in Lyndonville, VT on October 09, 2009. can a weak battery cause the checkenginelight to come on? When checked, the repairman said it was a leak detection pump not operating.

Check Engine light issue code P0750 - 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee
My checkenginelight is coming on with a code P0750 Shift solenoidA Malfunction. I have had the light turned off about 4-5 times at a local Advance Auto store. This code has been appearing over a period of about 4 months now. I have been told all kinds of stuff about it and a little leary about who is.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Check Engine Light: 2001 Jeep Grand ..
2001jeepgrandcherokee limited V8. (80,000 miles) my jeep seems to be running fine, however my checkenginelight came on when i was 300 miles over my oil service date(every 3000). i checked my oil and it was pretty dirty so i went directly to the shop to get it changed, thinking that might be why the.