5 month old baby sleeping on tummy

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When a baby rolls on their own, they seem to say that it is safe for them to lay on their tummy. As long as your child can move the head from side to side without trouble, the baby will instictively move head to breathe.

5 Month Old Rolls on Tummy Then Screams, Can't Get Any Sleep.
My 5monthold just started rolling over onto her tummy when I put her to sleepon her back. She hates being on her tummy and will start

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Also, if you co-sleep, the baby must sleep in the middle or by the wall. I didn’t think that one of our babies could roll over until I saw her doing it while asleep!

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Once a baby begins to turn over it is hard to control how they will end up sleeping in the night.However, you should always start them on their back, regardless of how they end

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Let her sleep. Once a baby is able to roll herself it's fine- certainly no expects parents to monitor their baby’s sleeping position all night!

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Five-month-oldbabies can sit upright for longer periods of time. Your baby probably still needs to be propped up with a pillow or Boppy, but he may also be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds at a time. Some 5-month-olds can start rolling over from their back to their tummy.