A plan designed to obtain a specific goal or result

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A plan designed to obtain a specific goal or result is called a strategy.

a plan designed to obtain a specific goal or result is called

a plan designed to obtain a specific goal or result is called. Answers. VanettaPacific808.

Strategy - Define Strategy at Dictionary.com

Also, strategics. the science or art of combining and employing the means of war in planning and directing large military movements and operations.

Business Plan - advantage, type, benefits

Successful business plans are usually the result of team effort, in which all employees provide input

Defining and Determining Your Personal Weight Training Goals

Many individuals fail to obtain their personal goals, be it fitness goals, professional goals or relationship goals.

Notice - 5.0 Using Safety Analyses for Planning

To initiate a planning process, planners obtain data to analyze current and future transportation

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools 2019 Plan for Gifted Education (DRAFT)

The plan outlines goals, supports, and programs designed to maximize student potential.

Project Design

IYF programs are catalysts of change that help young people obtain a quality education, gain

Benedict College

The goals statement describes the direction a department or a unit plans to take to advance and enhance its purpose.

Workshop on Getting Started: Basics of Performance

Often projects are established to meet one or more specific goals and build on evidence from promising efforts.

OVC Technical Assistance Guides: Guide to Performance...

Additionally, this section includes specific instructions on how to use the results of such an evaluation to plan for, refine, and sustain your program.


Our third point is that we use the term "indicator" to mean a display of one or more measurement results that is designed to communicate or

Setting Goals . . . Achieving Results

The IEP represents a plan for specially designed instruction and services to meet the unique needs of the

Complete Guidelines to Design Your Training Plan

It's important that goals be designed and worded to be "SMARTER" (an acronym), that is, specific

Enhanced NPC Behaviour using Goal Oriented Action Planning

Goals are as important as actions in a GOAP system as without them the planner has nothing to plan towards.

Introduction to project - 1. Identify the Long Range Goals

Project planning: · identifies specific community problems that stand in the way of meeting community goals.


describe a general outline of goal-driven interpretive planning, and modify that outline to best suit a specific project.

Program Design and

Program design details how we plan to achieve the strategic goals for a sector, region or country

Chapter - Project Planning Focused on a Clear and Feasible

„ To encourage early planning, public outreach, and evaluation so that project needs, goals and

Understanding Your 360 - MODULE 8 Development Plan Implementation

From this information, you can work with your manager to create a specific Development Plan, a comprehensive guide for performance improvement.

Management Action Plan Workbook

Relevant: Achieving the goal will fix the specific problem being addressed or achieve the result being sought.


CREATE A PROGRAM GOAL A program goal is a generalized statement of the result or


Furthermore, failure to obtain any clarification and/or addendum shall not be valid grounds for a protest against award(s) made under this RFP.

State and local mitigation planning

These guides are designed to provide the type of information states, tribes, and communities need to initiate and maintain a planning process that will result in safer and more

Chapter One: Assessment of the Performance Challenge .1

...requests and obtaining the resources to meet strategic planning and performance goals.

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Within the test plan a test approach is defined, whereby the approach is based on the result of a

6. Goal Setting Theory - PSYCH 484: Work Attitudes and Job...

Just because a goal is specific, does not guarantee that an individual will put forth an increased effort to obtain the goal.

Strategic - Planning

Facility managers may still be unsure how to initiate the SFP process and need to obtain information on


A PSLP implementation timeline should include specific, achievable goals delegated to specific individuals or

Functional Assessment

This involves obtaining knowledge beyond an individual's success or failure at a task; the specific

Table of contents - Hawaiÿi Tourism Strategic Plan: 2005-2015

The resulting 2002 Ke Kumu was a revision of the 1999 plan that reflected public input, the

Government Auditing Standards

...planned audit procedures are designed to achieve specific audit objectives and, accordingly

Introduction to the Public Participation Toolkit

· The public participation goal at the collaborate level is to design a process that allows for

Student Assessment - Measuring Progress Toward Your Goals

of structure. Tests and quizzes are an excellent means standardized tests to obtain a holistic.

Basic FBA

A plan that considers: (a) the person for whom the plan is designed, (b) the skills


This particular part has been designed specifically for municipal officials who want to be able to implement strategic planning, but have little to

Building Effective Coalitions

The CoC planning process was designed to promote the development of comprehensive systems

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Set specific goals. Be specific and realistic about what it is that you want to achieve.


ü Secure landfill - a disposal facility designed to permanently isolate wastes from the environment.

A Handbook for Measuring - Method A: Goal Cascading Method

The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (i.e., GPRA) requires all agencies to develop a strategic plan that includes objective, quantifiable, and measurable

Chapter Officer Resources - STEP 4: PLANNING

In order to define the specific goal or objective for a retreat, an informal assessment of the chapter should be conducted.


If the client refuses or if the successor is not satisfied with the result, the successor auditor may be


Subsequent meetings will focus on the development of work and professional development goals and a specific plan to improve performance within a specified time frame, if appropriate.

Alignment of K-12 Writing Goals and Assessment

As a result of these findings, it is recommended that the integration of multiple types of assessments

Developing Quality

A student should develop both short-term employment goal(s) for a job the student plans to obtain after high school and career goal(s) that reflect

The results-based

A strategy is a long-term plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal.

New York State

B. How to implement this action Develop a plan that includes the results of the GHG emissions inventory

Lean techniques for more than 39 years. His experience

But before getting into the specific reasons for this, let me tell you a story I have seen repeated many times.

Final Plan

...of students obtaining English proficiency at 1 percent per year, with a long-term goal of 23.7 percent over

Table of Contents - The Importance of Goals

The Goals of Educational Planning Take Stock in Children students need a great deal of assistance


A plan comprising practical and specific strategies designed to increase or reduce a definable behavior.

Chapter 6. Goals and Objectives - Goals, Objectives, and Planning

Within the planning facet of P-O-L-C alone, you can think of goals and objectives as growing in functional or product/service arena specificity as you move down the organization.

Monitoring and evaluating

Chapter 2 provides an overview of the conceptual foundations of planning and specific guidance on

Planning & Scheduling

The examination is not based on use or knowledge of specific software, but it tests the knowledge and experience of a planner and scheduler who uses the results of such tools.

Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance

This is because the requirements for obtaining programmatic take authorization are designed to reduce

Campaigns - 4.7 Reality check: reviewing the campaign plan

Defining specific goals and agreeing on a strategic plan: The more specific the campaign goals, the easier it is to define precise target audiences, communication channels, tactics and

And training (let 3)

Focus on specific and objective behaviors that the sub-ordinate must maintain or improve as well as a plan of action with clear, obtainable goals.

TOGAF ® and

The goal behind this thesis is to contribute to the ongoing discussion about capability-based planning within the Enterprise Architecture field, by suggesting a roadmap for

GE Healthcare - Chapter 5 Planning

The handbook describes how to design a protein purification procedure, how to select and combine

Management Accounting

The strategies identified as a result of the planning process are designed to achieve these objectives. Note that in practice, the terms objective, goal and aim are often used interchangeably.

U.S. Equal - Performance Results 8

As a result, this measure was designed to focus on issues regarding staff and infrastructure, which


5. Goals in land use plans and activity plans for rare plant species may not exist or may be too


study design to answer the question(s) and preparing an outline of the project activity plan.

Project/programme planning

Strategic planning also includes choosing and designing a framework which sets out the best


It deals with a series of tests and assessments designed to ascertain whether training met with its