Actress who plays serena in gossip girl

Who plays serena in gossip girl?
At a party, Serena and Blair stage a fight that is played on GossipGirl to expose Juliet's manipulative ways. Lily, who is an alumni on the house, kicks Juliet

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In "The Goodbye GossipGirl", Jonathan was mistakenly identified as "GossipGirl" when the presiding room was silenced and Serena texted her,"Now I know who you are."

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for Serena in Gossip Girl
The actress, now 27, auditioned to play the role of Serena van der Woodsen in hit drama

What is the name of the actress who plays serena in gossip girl?
InGossipGirl, Serena Van Der Woodson is portrayed by Blake Lively, Leighton Meester as Blair Waldorf, and Taylor Momsen as Jenny Humphrey.

You Won't Believe Which Actresses Almost Played Serena and Blair...
It seems two other actresses were in the running to playSerena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf on "GossipGirl" before Blake Lively and Leighton Meester landed the roles.

The Definitive Ranking Of "Gossip Girl" Characters
She hired an actress to be her daughter in order to get more access to the family checkbook

Gossip Girl Characters: Where Are They Now?
Ed Westwick, who apparently still doesn't know whoGossipGirl is, recently starred in the Netflix series White Gold, playing a salesman (who looks

You Seriously Won't Believe Who Almost Played Serena and Blair on...
Every GossipGirl fan knows that one of the best parts about watching the show was seeing Serena and Blair's friendship change and grow from frenemies to

Gossip Girl 10 Years Later: Blake Lively, Leighton... - Vanity Fair
When GossipGirl Ruled the World. A decade ago this fall, just as social media was fracturing pop

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GossipGirl Facebook GossipGirl Twitter. GossipGirl Spoilers: Serena, Meet Anne Hathaway.

'Gossip Girl' Revealed In Series Finale: Which One Of The Main Cast...
"GossipGirl" executive producer Stephanie Savage told E! Online that the reveal wasn't always planned -- but felt like the right way to wrap up the show, and give loyal fans a proper send-off. The Hollywood Reporter called the "GossipGirl" reveal a fitting end to the series, and commended the.

Jennifer Lawrence Auditioned For the Role of Serena in Gossip Girl
The highest-paid actress in the world, whose nickname "J.Law" is now a household name, apparently did

Gossip Girl 10th Anniversary Tribute Best Gossip VF
The guys who would play Nate and Chuck first realized how popular GossipGirl could be when they went to an Arctic Monkeys concert together.

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From Quiz: Who's Whoin 'GossipGirl'? (click to play it).

Jennifer Lawrence Once Auditioned to Play Serena on 'Gossip Girl...
Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Serena van der Woodsen in "GossipGirl," series co-creator Josh Schwartz claims.

Blake Lively Has Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen Moment on...
The actress, who 10 years ago starred on GossipGirl, was feeling nostalgic during her car ride. So she took a selfie, captioned it "Spotted" as

'Gossip Girl' Shocker! You'll Never Guess Who Were Considered to...
He said Lively was always his pick to playSerena. "I had seen her in Accepted and at that time, there were no

'Gossip Girl' reboot or season 7 - Chuck, Blair and Serena share their...
"GossipGirl" may have aired its last episode in 2012, but its popularity is still reverberating up until now, even sparking speculations of a reboot.

Serena's Boyfriends on Gossip Girl - POPSUGAR Entertainment
Serena van der Woodsen is many things, but dateless is not one of them. Over five seasons of GossipGirl, the bombshell has wooed and been wooed by men from.

Jennifer Lawrence Wanted to Play Serena on 'Gossip Girl'!
Jennifer Lawrence Auditioned To PlaySerenaInGossipGirl: Jennifer Lawrence stuns in totally sheer, fishnet

Jennifer Lawrence auditioned to be Serena in Gossip Girl
Early Serena was so good and I thought Blake played her really well too. Like the first season was

Jennifer Lawrence Wanted To Play Serena Gossip Girl - Girlfriend
You Won't Believe Which Hollywood Actress Desperately Wanted To PlaySerena On 'GossipGirl.

'Gossip Girl': Blake Lively, Leighton Meester Open to Reunion
Lively and Meester playedSerena and Blair throughout GossipGirl's six-season run from 2007 to 2012.

This Oscar-Winning Actress Auditioned To Play Serena In Gossip Girl
GossipGirl creator Josh Schwartz reveals that Jennifer Lawrence auditioned to playSerena van der Woodsen in the teen show - a role that eventually went

Gossip Girl Series Finale Recap: Gossip Girl Is Revealed!
G.G. Unmasked: So who was behind the site that spread nasty rumors and gossip and controlled our gang's lives for six years, leaving them forever nervous to check their

Hey, Upper East Siders, Jennifer Lawrence could have played Serena...
Apparently, Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Serena van der Woodsen on "GossipGirl," and the producers didn't even know.

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GossipGirl is an American teen drama television series based on the book series of the same name

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As 'GossipGirl' posts news of the annual Cotillion Ball to take place on the approaching weekend, Blair decides not to go with Nate, but she finds herself being featured in The New York Times and is enjoying her secret affair with Chuck. Serena decides not to go either, so her grandmother, CeCe.

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Processing, Please hold on. This process might take a few seconds. Find out if you're Chuck, Nate, Serena, Dan, Blair, Vanessa, Georgina or Jenny!

Spoiler! Who is 'Gossip Girl'? -
Who is 'GossipGirl'? Actress Kristen Bell may have voiced the notorious XOXO "GossipGirl" sign-off, but in a surprising series finale twist, Dan Humprey aka Lonely Boy, was revealed

Blake Lively Knows 'Gossip Girl's Serena Van Der Woodsen Was The...
I realize that Serena's initial affair with Nate was the jumping off point for the entire plot of GossipGirl in Season 1, but seriously, who does that?

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I know I already posted the Valentino slip, but in this moment it deserves a special mention. If you can see this picture without hearing Sum 41 playing in the background are you really human? {s1e07 - Victor Victrola}.

Gossip Girl: Where are the stars now? -
Badgley, whoplayedGossipGirl herself (himself?) Dan Humphrey, married Domino Kirke (sister of Girlsactress Jemima Kirke) in February in a courthouse ceremony.

Blake Lively Serena van der Woodsen Gossip Girl... - British Vogue
GossipGirl's Serena van der Woodsen has to go down in history for having one of television's most enviable wardrobes - has a small screen school girl ever had so many designer wares?

Gossip Girl Locations In New York - The Ultimate Gossip Girl Guide
For any true GossipGirl fan, New York City, is the place to be! Anyone who has been obsessed with the show, including myself, would love a fun walk down memory lane. Check out some of the most popular hot spots that were featured on GossipGirl, in this unlimited GossipGirl Guide!

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Who do you think is prettier/hotter out of Serena and Blair from GossipGirl?

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GossipGirl - How much do you know? Are you a real fan? Check it by taking the tests and quizzes here for free now.

The 'Gossip Girl' casting director shares his original ideas for the cast.
Blake Lively was the first choice for Serena Van Der Woodsen, but Rapaport says they also auditioned Kate Cassidy, who ended up playing Juliet Sharp on the show, and the girlwho portrayed Serena on the GossipGirl book

Who Is The Gossip Girl? Blogger's Identity... -
The biggest GossipGirl spoiler of them all. The answer to the ultimate GossipGirl question: Who is the GossipGirl?

Gossip Girl Season One: Get the Look -
See what Serena and her cohort of schoolmates wore on the first season of GossipGirl and find

A Look Back at Gossip Girl's Finest Fashion Moments - Fashionista
GossipGirl has been on top of the fashion game since its first "XOXO" way back in early 2007, and

Kiss My Wonder Woman: Is Blair Waldorf a Feminist? (Gossip Girl)
GossipGirl is a long-running CW show based on the even longer running book series. Weirdly, the show is actually better than the books (I think, at least)

Watch Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 11: The Treasure of Serena...
Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him about the true nature of her mother Cece's health. Chuck tells Nate that he has some potentially damaging information about one of their friends: Serenawhom is caught in a compromising position with Trip Vanderbilt.

How old is Blake Lively, when did the Gossip Girl star marry Ryan...
The actress hit the headlines for unfollowing her husband and wiping her Instagram feed for her role in A Simple Favour.

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The vid is dedicated to everyone who ever watches my vids and leaves a comment - I so appreciate that and it is you guys that inspire me to keep vidding.

See Serena and Dan's Gossip Girl Wedding Album!
Просмотрите доску «GossipGirl» пользователя Claudia Flores в Pinterest. - Посмотрите больше идей на темы Сплетница, Знаменитости и Обои.

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GossipGirl (2007-2012). Privileged teens living on the Upper East Side of New York can hide no secret from the ruthless blogger who is always watching.

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Serena Williams is proud of Meghan Markle! The 36-year-old tennis pro took to Twitter on Monday to

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Disclaimer I do not own GossipGirl or the music. No Copyright Infringement intended.

Gossip Girl Sneak Peek 3.18 Chuck Nate and Serena
Serena (Blake Lively) tells Nate (Chace Crawford) she is having breakfast with the Humphreys when in reality she's secretly meeting up with Carter Baizen