After how many days after period can i get pregnant

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can a woman getpregnantafter her period 2 days. howmanydaysafterperiod is safe to avoid pregnancy. chances of gettingpregnantafterperiod.

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It's unlikely that you'll getpregnant just after your period, although it can happen. It's important to remember that sperm can sometimes survive in the body for up to 7 daysafter you have sex. This means it may be possible to getpregnant soon after your period finishes if you ovulate early.

How Many Days After My Period Can I Get Pregnant?
GettingPregnant A woman can getpregnant, even if intercourse occurs before ovulation. This is because sperm can live in a female's Fallopian tubes for up to seven days. This means the sperm can fertilize an egg several daysafter intercourse. It is important to remember that even though there are.

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You're most likely to getpregnant if you have sex within a day or so of ovulation (releasing an egg from the ovary). This is usually about 14 daysafter the first day of your last period, if your cycle is

How many days after my period can I get pregnant? -
A woman is most likely to become pregnant a week to 10 daysafter her period ends, depending on how long her period lasts, according to WebMD.

Can you Get Pregnant 1 to 2 days after your period ends?
Find out whether you can getpregnant in the days right after your period and how the length of your menstrual cycle affects yo.

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It is possible to getpregnant soon after your period ends depending on how long your bleeding lasts, and when in your menstrual cycle you ovulate.

How many days can I get pregnant after menstruation?
How fast canIgetpregnantafter a period? Chance to become pregnantafter menstruation. Pregnancy is a long-awaited and happy time for most women.