Allow logon through terminal services group policy

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This policy setting determines which users or groups can access the logon screen of a remote device through a Remote Desktop Services connection. It is possible for a user to establish a Remote Desktop Services connection to a particular server but not be able to logon to the console of that.

[SOLUTION] Allow log on through Terminal Services right
- Remote Desktop Users Group (Builtin) - Allowlogonthroughterminalservices - Remote Desktop Users Group (in the Groups on the server locally) - Allowlogonthrough Remote Desktop Services (Policy). And anything else I may need to understand about this.

Allow logon through Terminal Services
The Deny logonthroughTerminalServices right overrides this right. Use of this right does not generate a Privilege Use event in the Windows security log but remote desktop logons do generate event ID 540/4624 with logon type 10. Changes to these logon rights assignments are logged by.