Bachelor of science in electronics and communications engineering

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Nais ko lang po malaman kung anong mararapat na kasing kahulugan ng katagang "BachelorofScienceinElectronicsandCommunicationsEngineering". Batsilyer ng Agham sa Inhenyeriyang Elektronika at Komunikasyon.

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
The ElectronicsEngineering Technology program, prepares the student for a position as a technologist, in such industries as aerospace, computers, communications, biomedical, chemical, power, etc.

BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering in the Philippines
The BachelorofScienceinElectronicsandCommunicationsEngineering (BS-ECE), also known as BachelorofScienceinElectronicsEngineering, is a 5-year college program which focuses on the conceptualization, design and development of electronic, computer andcommunication products.