Belief in god but not organized religion

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I’m in the same boat, I believeinGodbutnotreligion. My mom is Catholic but I was sent to Christian churches even though my mom was shocked when I converted to Christianity (???). As I grew older I got tired of the hypocrisy of Christians and their religion.

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I've heard a few religious people ( I think believingin *A* God still makes you religious) say that they believeinGod, but that they don't believeinorganizedreligion. Does this mean.

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Some words that describe a person who believesinGod, butnot in organizedreligion are: UNITARIANISM: fits closest to answering the question. Unitarians frown upon dogmas and creeds while allowing individual freedom to decide what truth is.

belief in god but not organized religion
beliefin the existence of a god or gods; specifically: beliefin the existence of one God viewed as the creative source of the human race and the world who transcends yet

My Belief in a Higher Power But Not in any Organized Religion
Hello folks. I feel I've been out of the witness organization long enough to have developed some pretty good idea of what my beliefs are now in regards to a higher power and organizedreligion that I felt comfortable to share it with you , my friends here on JWD.