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Birthcontrolpills, also known as oral contraceptives or “the pill,” are a common form of hormonal birthcontrol. Birthcontrolpills have been studied

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Most combined birthcontrolpills are equally effective in helpingacne breakouts. A recent study by the Cochrane Group looked at 31 trials involving the use of birth

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We received the following question from Sheena (28-years-old): I currently take birthcontrolpills and have discussed this with my OBGYN, who couldn't really lead me in any direction. I believe the breakouts I experience are hormonal. Is there anything I can use topically to prevent cystic acne.

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Generally, birthcontrolhelps alleviate acne breakouts. Birthcontrolpillsthat contain both estrogen and progesterone help decrease the amount of androgen in the body. The less androgen present, the less sebum the body produces, which can help cut down on breakouts.