Can the doctor tell if you have been fingered

Can a doctor tell if youve been fingered Can a doctortellifyouhavebeen pregnant and carried to term without telling him? Answer Yes. Ifyouhavehad a vaginal birth the cervix changes and the hymen is Can doctors tell if you have fingered yourself? - Yahoo Answers And 2d to work out what type of micro organism is the criminal, which will provide the right anti-biotic. there's no way even via looking, that a well being care service can tell in case you've fingered your self. Can a doctor tell if you have had an abortion - Answers on HealthTap Not really: No, your doctor will most likely not be able to tellifyouhavebeen pregnant in the past by doing an exam. However, it is of utmost importance that youtell your doctor about you complete medical and surgical history because it can affect any current or future pregnancy in significant ways. Blood Clots: Signs, Symptoms, Risks and More - When to call a doctor This can make it difficult to tellifyouhave one. Learn more about the early warning signs and the different symptoms you could have depending on When you go to the doctor to get birth control, and they run tests on... The KGB Agent answer: Not medical advice: No, however, thedoctor might notice if the hymen is already broken. Can a Doctor Tell if You've Been Masturbating? (for Teens) Usually, a doctor cannot tellif a girl or guy hasbeen masturbating. The only way it might show is if masturbation has irritated the penis or vaginal How to Determine if a Finger Is Broken (with Pictures) - wikiHow Children with finger injuries should always see a doctor. Young and growing bones are more susceptible to injury and to complications if those Can a doctor tell if you had an abortion in the past if you... - Quora There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about having an abortion, in the context of disclosing to your physician. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Test & Diagnosis: How To Tell If You Have... Thedoctor will tellyou to press the backs of your hands and fingers together with your wrists flexed and your fingers pointed down. I have a weird question, Can your doctor tell if you're a bottom during... Ifyouare not on a medication whose side effects are loose rectum than thedoctor will automatically assume that youare gay; I don't think he cares ifyouare a bottom or not. How to Tell If Your Finger Is Broken - New Health Advisor Broken fingers or fractured phalanges are common injuries that cause pain and swelling, but you need to bear in mind that swelling or pain does not always mean youhave a broken finger. Even a ligament tear or sprain will be quite painful, but you do not need to visit the emergency room for these injuries. Signs That You Might Have a Fracture - Verywell Health Four ways to tellif a bone is broken. You can't be sure without an x-ray, but these four signs should send you to thedoctor. Can A Doctor Tell If You Are Pregnant During A Pap Smear - Forum Samantha- A doctor could DEFINATELY tellifyouwere pregnant during a pap smear because everything inside becomes much "softer" and "smoother", well that is what my doctortold me (I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant) so when he goes to inject his fingers he would definatley be able to tell, plus. Tenth Doctor - Wikiquote - Sycorax Leader: Who exactly are you? [His fingers reach his sideburns] Sideburns! I've got sideburns!! Jammed vs. Broken Finger: How Can I Tell? - Alexander Orthopaedic While jammed fingers may be common, they are also extremely painful and require medical attention. Below, you can learn how to tellifyouhave a Is My Finger Broken or Bruised? - Coastal Orthopedics How to TellIf Your FingerIs Bruised. A bruised finger can sometimes be just a painful as a fractured or broken finger. How to Tell if You Have a Jammed Finger or a More Serious Injury It's difficult to tell the difference between a jammed finger and a much more serious injury called a Infected Finger: When It's Dangerous - The Survival Doctor The finger pad is usually not as swollen as it is with a felon. Ifyou catch a whitlow early, prescription antiviral medications may shorten the course. Unless you’ve had a whitlow before, it’s going to be hard to tell the difference between that and felon. Ifyou couldn’t get to a doctor, I’d treat it like a felon. can the doctor tell if you're bulimic? - Bulimia Discussions - Forum if thedoctor looks at your throat, cant he tellifyouhavebeen purging or should you just no purge before you go? Find out how to tell if you have a broken finger, what you should do... It can be hard to tellif a fingeris broken, dislocated or badly sprained, as the symptoms tend to be similar. Ifyou're not sure whether your fingeris broken, it's a Can the doctor tell you if you have cervical cancer from your... just tell me to wait for results but i just want to be resured some. how. also none of my friends have ever gone though this so no one can. Can a Doctor Tell if I Have Had LASEK Treatment Doctor Answers... By Board Certified Doctors and Qualified Medical Professionals. Can a DoctorTellif I havehad LASEK. 1. On routine eye examinations, doctors Can doctors tell if you are a virgin or not? - Ask The Doctor Doctor: Virginity testing is a very controversial practice, because of its implications and inaccuracy. Virginity tests is based on the identification or presence Can doctors tell if you smoke? - Grasscity Forums - The #1 Marijuana... TheDr. was asking all the typical questions like do you drink, smoke cigs, exercise often bleh bleh bleh but then he asked if I hadbeen smoking any weed and How Can You Tell If Someone Is Depressed? Depression is a common complication when a person is diagnosed with an illness. “Feeling sad or depressed about a chronic illness diagnosis is normal,” says psychologist Kristin Kuntz, PhD, an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Ohio State University. “But then youhave to watch and. How doctors can tell if you are healthy – by your nails - Telegraph Doctors can tell whether youhave a serious illness simply by looking at your nails, according to How to tell if you're having a boy or a girl Am I having a boy or a girl? The sex of the baby is a top question during pregnancy. Here are some ways to find out (or guess) before your gender reveal! How can you tell your having a heart attack...if your right… My right pinky fingeris getting progressively numb over the last 3 weeks. Doctors Say the Darndest Things (Doctors Advice You Won't Believe) In addition, no doctors or medical practitioners were named in that forum, so there was not or single case of finger pointing or rumor mongering. How To Tell If You Have The Flu And Not Just A Cold, Because The... This is why you really ought to rest and recover once you're diagnosed (and honestly, ifyou do have the flu, you probably have no choice but to recover. Can'the Doctor Tell If You Have Been Fingered... - COVERSONG How To TellIf A Hymen Is Broken Or Torn Hymen Is It Intact Or Not Educational. Can a gynecologist tell if I'm a virgin? - Scarleteen By all means, ifyouare or havebeen sexually active and have not gotten sexual healthcare and want to take care of your health by getting started with that Doctors can be fired, and taught too - latimes Last year, I fired a doctor. I was at his office to get the result of a mammogram, which I'd had about How can you tell if your finger is jarred - How can... :: GoFTP Answers There is no accurate way to tellif a finger or any other bone is broken unless you get a read more. How to Tell If You Have Worms and What to Do In... - Health Ambition The worm eggs are microscopic and stick to the fingers and underneath the fingernails. During my prostate exam I asked the doctor, "where should I put my..." Some of them are new, and just as offensive. Unless it's spam, it stays. Ifyou find certain comments or submissions here offensive, the best way to address it is with more speech. Doctor Jokes at - Profession Jokes A doctor and his wife werehaving a big argument at breakfast. "You aren't so good in bed either!" he shouted and stormed off to work. Q&A: How early can I tell if I'm having multiples? Even though multiples are formed between 4 and 10 days after conception (when more than one egg is fertilized or one embryo randomly splits), you probably won’t learn that you’re having twins Treating Smashed Fingers – Smashed fingers & toes are common & memorable events. Some nails re-grow beautifully while others are permanently misshapen. Can an app tell if you have dementia years before your doctor? Many games and apps claim to identify the earliest signs of dementia – if they work, we might be able to catch the condition early enough to treat it. How to Tell if You Have Prediabetes - HuffPost There are several tests your doctor can give you to determine whether youhave prediabetes like the “fasting blood glucose test “or the “oral glucose tolerance How to Tell if That Pain Is Your Appendix – Health Essentials from... “Appendicitis is a serious condition,” he says. “And, it’s always an emergency.” How do you know ifyou’re at risk? Dr. O’Brien says, everyone has a How Do You Know If You Have an STD? - PlushCare - PlushCare Learn how to tellifyouhave an STD and what to do next. Doctor Discussion Guide & Checklist: Binge Eating Symptoms Vyvanse is a stimulant medicine. Tellthedoctorifyouhave ever abused or been dependent on alcohol, prescription medicines, or street drugs. House Call Doctor : How Can You Tell If You... :: Quick and Dirty Tips Learn how you can tellifyouhave anxiety. Find out how clinical anxiety is different than regular anxiety, who gets anxiety, and how you can treat How to Tell If You Smell - Run Your Fingers Along Your Scalp Run your clean fingers along your scalp, not your hair, several times. Now smell your finger tips and you should get a good idea of what your hair smells Can You Tell The "Doctor Who" Episode From Just One Still? TheDoctortells River his real name. 3. This one shouldn't be that difficult either. Doctor Who / Via BBC. How can you tell if your broken bone is healing? Or can you tell at all? There really is no way to tell and I don't think you should walk on it before thedoctortellsyou to. You might cause more damage that way and prolong How can I tell if it's a broken thumb? - medical doctor - Ask MetaFilter Our insurance situation is a little complicated right now, so we don't necessarily want to go to a doctor if it's not necessary. Any advice on how to tellif How Can I Tell If I Broke My Finger? It is difficult to tellif a fingeris actually broken. The bones are very small and while they may become completely separated on occasion, the fracture How to tell if you are having a stroke - Scrapbookpages Blog A Chinese doctor can tellyou if your kidneys are functioning normally and if your kidneys are weak, he can give you some harmless herbs that will improve kidney Ask Questions about C.P.R - What is the recovery position? ASK THEDOCTOR The following are questions about CPR sent in from visitors just like yourself. Ifyouhave a question that is not listed here, please feel What Canadian Doctors Wish They Could Say To Their Patients 1. “Be honest. Ifyou’re not taking your medication as prescribed, tell me.” Patients not taking their prescriptions? “It happens all the time,” says Dr "Doctor Who" The Time of the Doctor Quotes - Planet Claire Quotes TheDoctor: Haveyoubeen paying attention? How to Tell if You’re Having a Panic Attack – and What to Do - US News “Half your brain istellingyou to run, and the other half istellingyou to stay. You're in kind of a deadlock.” How to Tell If Your Cat is in Pain - VirtuaVet To be sure you never miss a story, please press the “Don’t Miss a VirtuaVet Story” button on the pain in finger -Doctors Lounge(TM) - Forum the pain in my fingeris still there. its so weird because it feel like a burn when u touch it more it hurts Splinted! Learning to cope with Mallet Finger - The Pathless Wood Thedoctor took one look at it and told me to go to the hospital ER to get it X-rayed. 50 Secrets Your Surgeon Won't Tell You - Reader's Digest This is what your doctoris really thinking but won’t say to your face. If an airline toldyou that their pilot is the best but he’s not FAA-certified, would you What happens if you tell a doctor that you're suicidal? When a doctor asks you whether you've had thoughts about actually hurting yourself or ifyou've made any plans to and youtell them youhave, what (if anything) do Top 23 Doctor Interview Questions and Answers - WiseStep One of the most respected profession is that of a doctor. Here are few doctor interview questions and answers one should prepare to get pass the interview. Trigger Finger Release: What to Expect at Home Your finger and hand may be sore and swollen for several days. It may be hard to move your finger at first. This usually gets better after several weeks. How To Tell If A Person Is Actually Dead - Everplans Fear of being buried alive, or “taphophobia” for those wanting to impress dinner party guests, was a genuine concern in the 18th and 19th century, leading to Ask the doctor: How can I stop my fingers tingling? - Daily Mail Online Dr Martin Scurr hasbeen treating patients for more than 30 years and is one of the country's How Can I Tell If I Have a Broken Knuckle Your knuckles are an essential part of your hand. They are what give your fingers their dexterity and their ability to move. But as strong and vital your knuckles DOCTOR'S ADVICE - How can I tell if my girlfriend is a virgin? - Lifestyle A. You cannot tell whether your girlfriend is a virgin unless youare a gynaecologist, which seems unlikely. The Ear Infection Confession: What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You She was 6 weeks old and hadbeen prescribed antibiotics for an ear infection the day before. (This case was horribly mismanaged, because an Three Signs You Might Have Anemia - Snappy Living And unless your doctor does bloodwork, you won’t know for sure whether youhave it or not. 3 Ways To Tell if You Have a Gluten Sensitivity - Doctor Doni It is only with a goal of health improvement that most people start down the path of eating gluten-free. To help you know whether gluten may be an issue for your health, I am sharing three ways to tellif Can they tell you have no ovarian cysts even if 'ovaries are not... I am just wondering whether I should be reassured by the ultrasound scan not revealing anything, seeing as they couldn't see my ovaries on it. Is it really possible that they can have ruled out anything wrong with my ovaries without having seen them? I'm just wondering whether I should pay privately. Making a doctor’s appointment - Communication Exercises And what isthedoctor’s fee for initial visit? Um, I have Medicare insurance. Does thedoctor accept Medicare? Fine. So then, I will see you on March 2nd at 2:30 p.m. Beginner's Guide to MS: My fingers are numb, should I call the doctor? Do you call thedoctor? For some tingling fingers.. There are many possible causes of numb fingers. Let's assume that you didn't just break your fingers; because ifyouhad, you'd be in the emergency room seeking medical attention. Doctor Who Theory: Why the Doctor Has a Familiar Face What istheDoctor trying to tell himself in his choice of face? I think to try to theorize, one needs to go back to the beginning, back to Capaldi’s first How Your Eye Doctor Can Tell If You Have Dry Eyes Even with an explanation of how this occurs, many are unconvinced. How do you know that your doctor isn’t just tellingyou this to give you pause while he slips out How to Tell If You Have a Hernia - AFC Urgent Care Danbury This is a part of the reason that it happens in young men more often than other individuals. With men, without getting into too much physiology, men of course have testicles and scrotum and those structures Are You Obligated to Tell Your Partner(s) that You Have HPV? The other good news is that getting regular pap smears will prevent the uncommon but important consequence of HPV infection Work Restrictions - Doctor Restrictions at Work - Workers Comp MN Thedoctor, nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant examining you may have more questions during the examination, so it is important to tell them 8 Ways To Tell If Someone's Lying To You Want to know ifyou're beinghad? Unfortunately, it's not that easy. The Doctor Who Transcripts - The Time of the Doctor DOCTOR: The organics are all gone, but there's still a full set of data banks. Found it at the Maldovar market. 10 things about giving birth your doctor won't tell you - Fox News Many doctors will suggest women who are measuring large be induced or have a C-section, but most of the time these babies weigh in at a normal weight. articles - Why do you say, "see A doctor", but " go to The doctor"? No particular hospital isbeing referenced, just any hospital (which one would think by logic that American English speakers would use only the indefinite article How to Tell if You Pronate: 7 Steps (with Pictures) Dr. Miles is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in Adult Joint Reconstruction in California. Doctor Tells Me I Have HIV - Sammy Obeid Thedoctor enters, takes a look all around my body and gasps like something has gone horribly wrong. I ask as she stands behind me, “Is it a rash?” Can You Tell If You Have High Cholesterol by an Eye... - Your retina is the lining on the back of your eye, and the vessels leading into and away from the retina may have a blockage, possibly a piece of cholesterol that came loose from What can I do if my doctor clears me for "light duty" but my employer... So ifyouaretold to disregard your doctor’s order, be firm, but be polite. (You can see why It really helps if your doctorhas given you specific 10 Reasons You Should Go to the Doctor (Even When You're Healthy) But while not every doctoris going to be the right one for you, you owe it to yourself to keep looking until you find a practitioner that you like and trust. What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Surgery A surgeon dishes on the biggest secrets your doctors won’t tellyou about the OR—like why obese patients are hardest to operate on. The Doctors’ first and last lines? (Doctor Who) — UPDATED... Usually these will be their actual first and last lines — the first words uttered after a regeneration and the last words spoken before the next regeneration. Trigger finger surgery recovery time - What can you expect ? Your hand will be prevented from moving during your trigger finger surgery recovery time. Dealing with Doctors Who Won’t Tell You Your Diagnosis - HealthyPlace Some doctors don't tell their patients their diagnoses. Why is this? How can you handle a doctor who won't give you your diagnosis? My employer wants me to return to work but my doctor has given me... If your doctor approves the activity you’ll be required to undertake in the temporary position, you do have to accept it. Remember that this rule only applies if your employer expressly offers you a temporary position. Without a formal job offer, youhave no obligation to go back to work. Can your Doctor do a drug test without telling you? So here is my problem I went to renew my prescription of the Vicodin and theDoctor said I had to come in and take a urine test. Can Doctors Be Taught How to Talk to Patients? - The New York Times While most doctors really are invested in their patients making the right decisions for their circumstances So you want to change doctors. Here's how to do it right. There are people I’ve misdiagnosed who make no secret about why they want someone else. Sometimes there are people who think I’ve ‘It’s Because You’re Fat’ — And Other Lies My Doctors Told Me She was a brisk woman with close-cropped grey hair, who glanced at me and told me my knee pain was due to early-onset arthritis as a result of my being overweight. Can Doctors Have Work-Life Balance? Medical Students Discuss That wasDr. Karen Sibert’s advice to students considering careers in medicine, in a controversial New York How Can I Tell If My Cat Is In Pain? It can be extremely challenging to know when cats are in pain. Sure, sometimes it’s quite obvious. You know your cat is in pain when you see a noticeable limp