Can the doctor tell if you have been fingered

Can a doctor tell if youve been fingered

If you confide in a doctor and tell him you've been smoking weed then he tells you that he cant be your doctor if you keep smoking and he'll do random ua's.Can the doctor do anything legally?

How to Tell If Your Finger Is Broken - New Health Advisor

4. Know When to See a Doctor. You should seek immediate medical attention if you believe you have a finger fracture. Fractures do not usually look too bad in the beginning, but they are complicated injuries and require specific treatment for quick healing.

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320kbps ~ 2:30 ~ Author : As/Is. Can You Get Pregnant If You Get Fingered. 320kbps ~ 0:45 ~ Author : Shadow the Question. What Causes Hymen To Break Dr Teena S Thomas.

How a man's ring finger and testosterone are linked (related)

'The relationship between the index finger and ring finger in particular indicates how much testosterone you have been exposed to in utero,' said Carl Pintzka, a medical doctor and researcher at the National Competence Service for Functional MRI in Trondheim, Norway.

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Amelia: [shrugging] What? The Doctor: Must be one hell of a scary crack in your wall. [The Doctor finds out that he's been gone for twelve years, when he was told he was gone for six months.

Can a doctor tell if you've had an abortion or been... - WebMD Answers

No, your doctor will most likely not be able to tell if you have been pregnant in the past by doing an exam. However, it is of utmost...

Can A Doctor Tell If You Are Pregnant During A Pap Smear - Forum

Samantha- A doctor could DEFINATELY tell if you were pregnant during a pap smear because everything inside becomes much "softer" and "smoother", well that is what my doctor told me (I'm 3 1/2 months pregnant) so when he goes to inject his fingers he would definatley be able to tell...

Is My Finger Broken or Bruised? - Coastal Orthopedics

How is a Broken Finger Diagnosed? To diagnose a broken finger, your orthopedic doctor will need to perform multiple tests.

Can a Doctor Tell if I Have Had LASEK Treatment Doctor Answers...

It is important to always tell your eye doctor that you have had any form of eye surgery so that they can best be an advocate for your eye health. Thinner corneas seen after refractive surgery need to be understood in the diagnosis of glaucoma.

Pruney Fingers: Causes, Treatments and When to See a Doctor

For example, doctors have discovered that pruney fingers can be linked to blood circulation problems, type 2 diabetes, or being cold.

Can the doctor tell you if you have cervical cancer from your...

Hello, im in such a panic please can someone settle my mind ... doctors. just tell me to wait for results but i just want to be resured some.

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I would refuse to co-operate if I were in your position. Please inform the doctor immediately if she shows signs of improvement.

What happens if you don t splint broken finger... :: GoFTP Answers

What happens to a broken finger when you dont go to the doctor. Topic: Asked by: Delois In Health > First Aid > Wear.

Finger Injury Pictures, Treatment & Diagnosis

Finger Injuries Diagnosis. The doctor will want to examine the patient's hand, including testing strength, sensation, and range of motion of the injured area. If the doctor suspects a fracture, or a foreign body such as glass or metal in the wound, X-rays may be ordered.

How to Tell if Your Finger Pain is Serious

These may lead to loss of movement, distortion, and in some cases loss of the digit. So how can you tell if your finger pain is a serious or possibly long term condition and when should you visit with a doctor?

Jammed or Broken Finger Help: How to Tell if Your Finger is Jammed.

Some sprains finger may need to be splinted. If you have a considerable swelling and pain, see your doctor, and are to guide you to treatment.

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He told me that there was an abnormality on the left side that would require a biopsy. "Why don't you take a feel?" he said to the other doctor with him. Without asking my permission or cleaning her hands, the second doctor pressed her fingers into my left breast.

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The doctor checked her thoughtfully for a moment and told her his diagnosis, "You have a broken finger." A baseball manager who had an ulcer was in his physician office for a checkup.

Tell a doctor or nurse your problem English lesson

After you have told him the Doctor will might ask 'What symptoms are you having?' An example of a symptom. Mrs Smith had flu her symptoms included, a fever, a runny nose, she told the doctor she had been coughing and sneezing a lot.

Someone told me that you can tell if you've been poisoned with

Now I've noticed I have a cresent moon going side to side almost in the middle of my fingers....all 10 of them. Can you tell me if its possible I was poisoned?

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If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your doctor or 911 immediately. Doctors Lounge ( does not

How can I tell if it's a broken thumb? - medical doctor - Ask MetaFilter

Our insurance situation is a little complicated right now, so we don't necessarily want to go to a doctor if it's not necessary. Any advice on how to tell if it actually is broken (without getting an x-ray)?

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Eleventh Doctor: Tell me: What would be the point? Tenth Doctor: [enraged at the 11th Doctor] 2.47 billion!

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is In Pain?

What I can tell you is that if the little guy goes off his food, becomes lethargic, or starts vomiting, those are all indications that something is going wrong and additional

Medical Advice: What's the Matter?

4. Post-Listening Exercises [Top]. Think of a time during the last year when you got really sick. What was the problem? Did you go to the doctor? If so, what did the doctor tell you to do, eat, or buy to get better?

During my prostate exam I asked the doctor, "where should I put my..."

If you want to be a dick, go to /r/insults. Jokes must be in text format, no linking to outside sites.

How can you tell if your broken bone is healing? Or can you tell at all?

There really is no way to tell and I don't think you should walk on it before the doctor tells you to. You might cause more damage that way and prolong the healing time. I'm getting x-rays on the 28th, and am hoping to be done with the boot.

What your finger length tells about you

Your finger length can predict how you will do on various tests in school. They can also tell if you are likely to be homosexual or straight, if you will likely get certain cancers, be a musician, writer or a scientist, or if you will have an aggresssive or passive...

It Took 12 Doctors to Solve the Mystery of My Tingling Fingers

With each of these doctors, I was able to relax and learn. Together, we devised a plan which included an elimination diet. I'd been tested and was told I didn't have celiac disease but when I avoided gluten for several weeks and reintroduced it, my body responded poorly.

When Your Doctor Tells You It's All in Your Head

For example, dysautonomia is a good explanation and diagnosis for a host of symptoms that are tough to put a finger on, and can't be tested.

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5. He arranged to be seen by the doctor at 12 a.m. 6. The doctor will tell you what disease you are suffering from. 7. Scarlet fever may often bring about a high temperature.

Animal Bite on Finger: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment Options

Animal bites to your finger are typically not life-threatening. However, if the infection from a bite spreads, it can cause serious medical problems.

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Q: Why did the doctor tell the nurse to walk past the pill cupboard quietly? A: So she wouldn't wake the sleeping pills! Q: How are enemas and divorces alike? A: At first they are both pretty crappy but in the long run they feel pretty good!

Hemas Hospitals - Ask a Doctor

Can the finger determine the hymen is intact or is there anyother way to check it. Please tell me should I believe the doctor who checked n confirmed my hymen is there.

How can I tell if I fracture my pinky or jammed it?

3 Answers - Posted in: pain, inflammatory conditions - Answer: if its been two weeks i'd go back to where ever you had the 1st xray if ...

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Mother: That's OK. don't worry,dear. 10. hair, eye, ear, face, chin, shoulder, heart, arm, stomach, hand, leg, toe, mouth, body, finger, foot, nose, lip, head, neck, back 12.

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10. fingers. 4-JANE ON THE WARDS Do you remember Jane Johnson? she and her friend Joan Chapman are both nurses.

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5 . Jane remembered to have been told a lot about Mr. Smith. 6 . I felt him put his hand on my shoulder.

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The doctor visit. When it was time for Lena to get up one morning, she told her mother that she was not feeling well.

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The doctor says it is angina pectoris. He cried like a child when the doctor told him the case was dangerous.

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Their decision to go to a doctor may only have been made after these attempts to explain or heal their illness or problem have been unsuccessful.

Nail Reading: What Your Fingers Can Tell You... - mindbodygreen

4. Each finger can tell you about your internal state. Within Ayurveda, each finger corresponds to a specific internal function of an organ, and our nails can give insight into whether our organs are performing at their best

Chapter 1 - S is for Sclerodactyly; that means thick skin on the fingers.

This manual is designed as a place for information. Only your doctor can tell you the type of Scleroderma you have. Even your doctor may not be able to tell you what symptoms you can expect to develop.

Y ou may be having trouble doing

Now that you have been told you have MS, you probably go to the doctor for checkups and when you are having a problem. Checkups give the doctor a chance to find out how you are doing, and they give you and your mom or dad a chance to ask questions.


I have information from the doctor, Harding said, that he is only half Indian, a Columbia Indian, I believe.

Keeping My

It is important to talk to your child about his/her feelings. If you think your child needs more support, tell your doctor, nurse, or case manager.

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3. The doctor says I am much better. I ... get up for a few hours every day. 4. ... I bring my sister to the party?

The Story of

"Doctor," he cried, "it shall be as you say. Do not raise your little finger, please!" And he jumped out of bed and ran to tell the soldiers to open the prison door.


Why have you met with them? 2. To give new information. Oh, I've cut my finger! NEGATIVE SENTENCES. Jack has never done yoga.


16. Are you the leader of a group of warriors? 17. Can you tell what other people are thinking? 18. Do you have X ray vision?


serrate(d) Having an edge toothed like a saw [serra=a saw], mallet-finger A finger whose tendon has been ruptured so that it is permanently flexed at the