Can you be a freemason and a christian

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While we wereMasons, we sometimes were asked questions about Freemasonry by other church members who were not Masons. Because we had taken an oath to ever conceal and never reveal the secret teaching of Freemasonry, under the penalty of having our throats cut from ear to ear, we were.

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Can A Good ChristianBeaFreemason? First of all, it is important to keep in mind that Freemasonry accepts every religion. As long as you believe in a

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One exception is that you can't be Catholic andaFreemason. The Catholic church has an official ban on Freemasonry. Any Catholics found to beFreemasons

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Why isFreemasonry such a bad thing in the Church’s eyes? I ama Catholic, and I love the Church, but I’ve also thought about joining the Freemasons, until I heard