Can you get a abortion at 3 months

Can you get an abortion at 3 months?
Medical abortion is not as effective as surgical abortion, which is why medical abortion requires so many steps. Sometimes placenta tissue can be left, or other pregnancy tissue, sometimes the entire fetus is left behind. I WORK in anabortion clinic, I assist with abortions.

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Whether you can have anabortion depends on where you live. * Many areas do not have abortion clinic availability, or doctors that will do the

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‘I Had 2 Abortions In 3Months’. When it comes to the subject of Abortion, I’m ‘pro-choice,’ but with stipulations. I despise women who use it as a form of birth

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My ex-girlfriend recently had anabortion (it was ours). She was 3months pregnant when she was given the shot. Her doctor told her to insert those pills that expel the embryo/fetus 4 days later. She did that and 4 days after that she said she was walking and felt like she had to pee really badly.

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The abortion is a harsh procedure, not only because it is controversial, but also because the risks it involves on the health of a woman. It is true that every woman is entitled to choose when to become a mother, but it is always best to be safe rather than to go through such a procedure.