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North America in 1600 was largely unclaimed, though the Spanish had much control in Central and South America. Spain had only set up Santa Fe, while France had founded Quebec and Britain had founded Jamestown. In the 1500s, Britain failed to effectively colonize due to internal conflicts.

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I. England’s Imperial Stirrings • 1500 s Feeble English colonial efforts • 1558 Elizabeth I, established Protestantism • Catholic Ireland sought Catholic Spain to eliminate English (Protestant) rule • Spain and England develop a rivalry. Table 2 -1 p 26. King Henry VIII.

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__T__ 1. Protestant England’s early colonial ambitions were fueled by its religious rivalry with Catholic Spain. __F__ 2. The earliest English colonization efforts experienced

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1. England's Imperial Stirrings a. North America, was not explored until 3 Euro pwrs, planted post. Spain in Santa Fe in 1610, the French in Quebec in 1608, and the English in Jamestown, Virginia in 1607 i. England didn't really compete w/ Spain in colonization, being allies in the 1st half of the 16th.

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