Coping with the loss of a cat

Coping With the Loss of a Cat
– A – Claire, Lupe is probably grieving thelossof her playmate (yes, pets do grieve) but will soon forget Raul as she is so young. Just play with her and enjoy her to get her through this loss and she will soon be fine. As for getting another kitten, I have mixed emotions here. It is my firm belief that pets.

Coping with the Loss of a Cat
Coping in the Aftermath. Everyone deals with loss differently, although cat owners can expect to go through the same stages of grief as anyone who’s experienced thelossofa loved one. Sife suggests reading one of the many books on the topic, including his own, TheLossofa Pet.

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Read CopingWith Pet Loss: Rituals Can Help for some suggestions. Copingwith grief during the holidays. Losing acat, and the devastating grief that follows, is hard any time of the year, but it can be especially difficult the holidays.