Custom made stuffed animals of your pet

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We've launched our brand new Petsies site, where you can create your own plush lookalike of your pet.

This Site Will Make a Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Pet

Each clone is custom-made, and the results are remarkably close to the real thing. It's a considerably less creepy alternative to having a deceased pet taxidermied, because while the plush clones do look a lot like the actual animal, they still have dimensions and features that make them...

This Toy Company Will Make A Stuffed Animal Replica Of Your Pet

So you never have to leave your pet's side. Originally posted on February 17, 2015, 20:11 GMT.

Petsies Creates Custom Stuffed Animal Versions of Your Pet

Petsies wants to help you celebrate the loving bond between you and your pet and make it last forever. Petsies can be created to the likeness of any pet and is not just for cats and dogs. They create custom stuffed animals of rats, horses, birds, turtles... you name it!

Custom Stuffed Animals: Get One Plush Toy Copies Of Your Pets.

The "Cuddle Clones Toy Company" create custom stuffed animals of your special pet and offer a variety of unique pet gifts.

This Company Makes Exact Plush Toy Copies Of Your Pets

The Cuddle Clones toy company makes custom plush-toy replicas of pets from photos sent in by their clients.

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We can make a custom stuffed animal for you from photos and descriptions of your dog in just a few days.

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All you have to do is send in a few photos from different angles, and Cuddle Clones will create a stuffed-animal clone of your pet down to the exact dimensions.

Order a stuffed animal that looks just like your pet

Cuddle Clones, a company based out of Louisville, Ky., makes custom stuffed animals based on up to 10 photographs submitted by pet owners.

Original Sock Dogs: Custom Stuffed Animals from Your Pet Photos!

Custom Stuffed Animal Pet Replicas with Personality. (Just like your pet!)

Cuddle Clones Are Plush Replicas of Your Favorite Pets

Creepiness factor aside, this custom-made stuffed animal has been healing for my family and has helped keep the memory of our favorite pet much more vivid

Custom Stuffed Plush Dogs - Let us make your dog!

Custom stuffed animals made from your photos. Price: $175 $125. Current Turnaround Time: Approximately 1-2 weeks.

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Our talented designers and seamstresses custom-make and hand-sew every Petsies plush to match your pet's likeness.

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Explore beautiful custom made stuffed animals and other cuties on Tedsby!

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Cuddle Clones are custom stuffed animals made to look exactly like your fur-baby!!

Cuddle Clones Makes Lifelike Stuffed Animals Based On Pets

They make custom, one-of-a-kind stuffed animals based on photos of your pet, and they're so realistic it's almost

This Company Creates Exact Plush Toy Replicas Of Your Pets

The Cuddle Clones toy company will create a stuffed animal that looks just like your pet, and the results are quite impressive.

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Our pet tags are custom made by me and I just like producing these tags simply because I comprehend it'll be for a really Distinctive fuzzy friend.

My handmade Cat Orin Plush

Custom stuffed animals of your pet you\'ve been looking for! These plush pets are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials. Handmade plush toys with an emphasis on sock creatures! . orrin postconvalescent sensitively...

How Can You Find A Similar Stuffed Animal Like Your Pet?

When you want to make a stuffed animal of your pet, you can just give a photograph to make a customized stuffed animal which is similar to your pet.

Petagious- Custom Made Stuffed Animals of Your Pet

At Petagious, we understand the promise we make to cherish our pets when they come into our lives, and they reward us richly for it.

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Luckily, a company called Cuddle Clones has found a way to ease those blues by making stuffed animal replicas of your pet.

Now You Can Clone Your Pet As A Stuffed Animal, If You're Into That

According to the website, each stuffed animal is made to order by a team of 13 workers at a workshop in China's Guangdong province. Distinguishing marks are added by airbrush, and the Kentucky-based company gives customers a number of customization options. Pets can be made standing up...

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If you want to cherish your pet long after they're gone, consider getting a plushie made in their exact image.

Custom-Made Poseable Xenomorph Alien Dog Stuffed Animal

Have a young child asking for a pet? Get them a stuffed animal instead. The best thing about stuffed animals is they're nearly impossible to kill.

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Contact us for a FREE quote on your custom made stuffed animals and toys!

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Get Your Pet Made Into A Custom Stuffed Animal To Cherish Forever!

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Description: At Cuddle Clones we create custom stuffed animals of your special pet and offer a variety of unique pet gifts.

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Custom-Made Pet Swimwear puts a photo of your pet on a piece of swimwear of your choice.

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At Cuddle Clones we create custom stuffed animals of your special pet and offer a variety of unique pet gifts.

Custom Plush & Stuffed Toys Manufactured By Adorable World

Custom Plush Manufactured By Adorable World. Bring your concept to life with our expert custom plush toy and stuffed animal manufacturing services.

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Make your stuffed animal a small "house." You can put a small pillow and washcloth inside a shoe box. You can also try getting some mini-furniture for your pet so it can lounge around. However, nobody likes living alone, so get a mini-pet for your toy!

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Home > Other Pets > Stuffed Guinea Pigs and Hamsters > Frolic the Hamster Stuffed Animal Rolly Pet by Aurora.

Get A Custom Stuffed Animal of YOUR Pet - 10% Off for a limited time

Highest Quality Replicas Available, 100% Handmade, FULL REFUND for Peace of Mind Ordering Order Your Custom Stuffed Animals - Endless Custom Creations of Your Pet.

Shelter Pups Stuffed Animals Are Made To Look Like Your Pooch

The Shelter Pups creates a handmade, merino wool stuffed animal to look like your one-of-a-kind dog

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A few months later, I came across a facebook post about a company that made custom stuffed animals from pictures.

Make a Custom Stuffed Animal

Introduction: Make a Custom Stuffed Animal. By MikaelaHolmesFlora & Faun.

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Look at the detail on Bailyee's custom stuffed animal! the nose, the markings, just perfect! Get your pet made into a cuddle clone today with the link below! http

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Make your own stuffed animal of your family or pet from a photo. Our talented artists design each order from scratch. No stock images.

Cuddle Clones Make Your Dog Into A Stuffed Animal

Although they don't just clone dogs, they do any sort of animal or pet you might want made into a stuffed animal.

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Custom Stuffed Animals, Mascots, Personalized Teddy Bears make great great fundraisers for Dog Adoption programs, Schools or Spay and Neuter Clinics Plus Corporate Mascots and Trade Show handouts.

Cuddle Clones Makes Custom Plush-Toy Copies Of Your Pets

This company combines stuffed animals with your favorite pets to make custom plush-toys.

Manufacturer of Private Label Stuffed Animals, Custom Plush Toys...

We are manufacturer and importer of custom made stuffed animals, custom made teddy bears, custom made plush toys, custom made animal slippers, private label stuffed animals and any plush toys for human and or pet dogs. Copyright 2000 - 2016 Transworld Plush Toys, Inc...

Stuffed Animal Pet Replicas

Stuffed Animal Pet Replicas. This collection was created to immortilize our Pets forever.

Now You Can Clone Your Pet into a Stuffed Animal - Creators

Thanks to Cuddle Clones, the Louisville-based company that creates lifelike stuffed animals from images of pets, you don't have to do either.

Custom Pet Couch Premium Stuffed Pillow [BRAND new]

This is a hand-stitched and made in the USA comfortable pillow you'll just love! It's 18x18 inches (most compatible size), 100% machine washable (you can remove the cover and wash, then zip back

Promotional Stuffed Animals Custom Printed with Your Logo

Custom Printed Stuffed Animals with T Shirts are an ideal way to gain exposure and goodwill to your adverting message.

Stuffed Animal Gifts for Alzheimer's Patients - Memorable Pets

Just email me at [email protected] and I will generate a custom quote for you based on what you would like to purchase.

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Custom plush products (plushies), stuffed animals & mascots designed and manufactured to build company awareness, promote your cause and enhance your brand.

Create your own pet

At Cuddle Clones we create custom stuffed animals of your special pet and offer a variety of unique pet gifts.


Try Not To Laugh Or Grin At These Funny Animal Clips, Bloopers & Outtakes - Funny Pet Videos.

Oversized stuffed animals for dogs

Averaging in size from 2 and 1/2-feet tall to 6-feet long, these large plush dogs are made in the USA and are stuffed soft with premium polyester stuffing (same stuffing used to fill pillows). Pillow Pets 16" Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Pillow Pet.

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Petsies are custom stuffed animals made to look like your pet! We can make a custom plush of any pet you can think of, from dogs & cats to horses & rats!

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Handcrafted, Personalized Products for Your Pet by Utterly Paws

A portion of our annual sales has been donated to a worthy Animal Rescue in honor of several of our furry friends who now own Utterly Paws