Divorce procedure when married in community of property

The consequences of divorce when married in community of property
When spouses are marriedincommunityofproperty, their assets are tied up in the joint estate and, when a court grants a decree of divorce, the assets must be divided. Where the spouses agree on a division of the joint estate, a settlement agreement may be drafted to be incorporated in the decree of.

Property in a Divorce: Homes owned before marriage
Issues arise when the property value of separate property increases over the course of the marriage. In this situation, it is important to determine the reason or reasons that the property value increased. If improvements were made to the home during the marriage, this may increase the value.

Separate and Community Property During Marriage: Who Owns What?
When you get married, you agree to share more than your feelings and the bathroom -- you also share property with your spouse. But what property must you share and what remains your own? It depends on whether the property is separate or community and where you live -- in an equitable distribution.

Division of Property and Debts When Filing a Washington State...
This section contains articles on divorce and division of assets when filing a Washington State divorce, divorceproperty division, and Washington

The Role of Community Property in Divorce - OnlineSearches.com
Incommunityproperty states, there is a presumption that all property acquired within the marriage is jointly owned by the marriage partners.

Property Valuation - Valuing Property for Divorce - Divorce Source
Whendivorcing, communityproperty is typically divided evenly, and each spouse keeps his or her separate property. Equitable Distribution: All other states follow equitable distribution. This means that a judge decides what is equitable, or fair, rather than simply splitting the property in two.

Divorce And Property Division: The Complete Guide
Property owned by either spouse prior to the marriage and kept separate during it. It is important to note that, incommunityproperty states, some items that may intuitively seem