Feel like i have to pee all the time

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This feeling doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night, but it causes me discomfort during the day (and kills my sex drive, because nothing's sexier than feelinglikeIhavetopeeallthetime, right?). I don't generally pee any more often than normal (5-7 times a day).

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Lately ifeellikeIhavetopeeallthetimelike very couple minutes or as soon as i leave the bathroom but i never really need topee what's wrong?

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After Ipee it just still feelslikeIhaveto go a little more and that feeling doesn't seem to subside.

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What cause me to feellikeIhavetopeeallthetime but I am not having any pain at all just a little pressure feeling?

Feeling like I always to pee. Like every 5 seconds I have the feeling
Like 20 times a day. At night sometimes i get up like every 2 minutes because the feeling of havingtopee is so uncomfortable it makes me cry and very frustrated. The doctors did blood work to check for diabetes, came back negative. Checked a urine sample say nothing was wrong.

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You are, without a doubt, one of those people who feelslike she ALWAYS needs topee.

Does anyone feel like they have to pee ALL the time????
So, you feellike you constantly havetopee. There is some therapy for it, but my insurance didn't cover it. The dr felt that years of alternately trying to

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47% - Ifeellike my periods coming then it doesnt why? 46% - If have back pain but does not burn when you urinate can you still have kidney infection? 40% - Ifeel bad for my mum she bought me an ipod and ir doesnt work? 38% - Does it haveto hurt when you pee to hae a kidney infection?

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Ihave gone about 6 times today and it still feelslikeitopee or the main symptom of uti is a strong urge urinate often, even right after you emptied your most time, body can get rid these bacteria its symptoms are urinary urgency (the feeling that need urinate).

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Hi,Welcome to the ehealthforum and I am glad to help you out. This is known as urgency of urine and can be due to many reasons like polydypsia( excessive intake of water), urinary tract infection and polyuria( excessive urine production).

Constantly feel the need and presure to pee but no stinging or pain
Iv been feelinglike this all day and have spent most of it on the loo, Nd I shall be spending a long time in the bath this evening.

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I am like that also, I drink plenty of water and makes mepee so much!I really love to drink water especially if Ihave taken chips! I don't feel anything bad so

I feel like I have to pee all the time
Blood every time you wipe, and feelinglike you need topeeallthetime, sounds like a possible urinary tract infection. Sadly we can't diagnose online.

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It feelslikeIhavetopeeallthetime but when I go, I either pee very little or don't pee at all. It's a slight bit painful but not extremely painful where

Always Feeling Like You Have To Pee Causes and Home Remedies
The feeling usually comes sometimes after a heavy meal, or after a tiring day. There are those however who experience the feeling at just about any time of the day.

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The prolapses have gotten worse over the past 5 years and Ihave finally decided to try a pessary for relief. My doctor says that my anatomy makes it hard for her to fit me - the cube caused a lot of pain and a lesion and IfeltlikeI needed topeeallthetime, most others didn't fit and I am finally using a.

Why do I have to pee so much?
If you're feeling discomfort in your knees, you're not alone. More than 60 percent of women age 50 and older have some type of knee pain.

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Sometimes right after IpeeI'll still get this feelinglikeIhaveto go a few minutes after, not that my bladder feels full, almost like a funny feeling where my urethra would be. Not every time, but enough that it's weird. I just did a urine sample last week at the doctor and they didn't call me so I assume it's.

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If you find yourself peeingallthetime, it can be really disruptive to your wellbeing and productivity (those office bathroom runs can really add up in minutes).

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Tweet. Woke up feeling dizzy and my legs are feeling funny i do take blood pressure meds but what do u think my pressure is high? i was eating sunflower seeds before i went to bed.

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Ipee every 20 minutes to an hour. Yes, I drink a lot. And, Ipee a lot. Everyone has a theory why. Even when not asked. "Try drinking less tea," plenty of people feel is the answer to a question I

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This feeling eventually went away. I think it has something to do with bart and a nerve that goes from the brain allthe way down the body.

I Have Peed Myself 3 Times In the Past Few Months, WHY?!?!
It feltlike hours, but it was only about 15 minutes. He greeted me with a hug, but before he could say anything, I said, "Ihadto use the hose on your house."

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It didn't really seem like the changes in my diet were helping. I concluded that I must be drinking too much water. Ihadto get up and pee two or three times a night.

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You know, when you put off peeing until your legs are crossed and you can barely hobble to finally park yourself on

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FeelinglikeI can't empty my bladder is always a first and sure sign for me of a UTI. If everything comes back negative, you will haveto try to get your daughter in the

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I still feltlikeI needed to go to the restroom more than usual, but I didn't feel the need to constantly rush to the toilet. I went to the see my psychiatrist

6 Things That Make You Pee All The Time
If you are peeingall day long, it may be nothing but it could also be one of these conditions.

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Right after I still feellike there's some left or Ihavetopee again.

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That 'feeling' you haveto go and can't is called; 'Bladder spasms'. I also havehad that most of my life. Ihaveto run cold water over my hand, or let the water run

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Except taking zyrtec made mefeellikeI urgently hadtopee every couple of hours. Of course, I didn't really have much topee out that frequently.

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Do you have a hard timepeeing when you want to? Learn more about some common reasons.

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Ihave gone about 6 times today and it still feelslikeitopee or the main symptom of uti is a strong urge urinate often, even right after you emptied your most time, body can get rid these bacteria its symptoms are urinary urgency (the feeling that need urinate).

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Why Do IFeelLikeIHaveToPee Right After I Just Peed?

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Anyone peeingallthetime needs to be checked out if one has an inability to empty .

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It feelslikeIhavetopee when I don't. This usually happened after sex but not allthetime. I recently started noticing that when it hurt, there was blood when i tried.

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Three times a night or more, and countless times during the day!! Is that strange? It's driving me nuts! IfeellikeI need to go so bad but then only go a bit.

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Ihave gone about 6 times today and it still feelslikeitopee or the main symptom of uti is a strong urge urinate often, even right after you emptied your most time, body can get rid these bacteria its symptoms are urinary urgency (the feeling that need urinate).

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1) You feellike a kid again. Remember those days? Neither do I. But I do remember my daughter peeing her pants (remember?

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When you feellike you havetopeeallthetime, or leak on route to the bathroom due to this urgency, this is called urge incontinence. This is due to a

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Ihavehadtopee desperately before job interviews, only to have a little bit dribble down out of my

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6 Answers - Posted in: blood disorders - Answer: Yes, it does sound like a urinary tract infection. Until you can get her .

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THE NUMBER OF TIMES YOU PEE INDICATES HOW HEALTHY YOU ARE This may not seem like an important thing to consider its just peeing right?

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In most cities it is illegal for humans topee in public but both legal and widely accepted for dogs to

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Well, thetimehas come to talk more about pee. You knew it was coming, I knew it was coming, and now we are here. For the most part I would like to believe that

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Any timeIhadto log out afterwards, IfeltlikeI was abandoning someone in need. Some players may be able to simply brush this off as a well-done illusion.

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For meI will still feellikeIhavetopee due to anxiety, but at least in my mind I can acknowledge that Ihavepeed and my bladder should be pretty

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IfeltlikeI. might have been used and that these people wouldn't call me for nothing. I wondered if it wasn't all a put on for there enjoyment.

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That was, and is still today, a mystery how this girl hasn't turned obese yet with allthe treats she eats weekly.

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Ihave the feeling that this is it: this bathroom, this story. That this is the root and bud of it all, the

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LikeI said I am 12 weeks and have actually lost a pound due to severe food aversion. I look no different then I did prepregnacy and still fit into all my clothes.

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We have all felt what you are feeling. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but I am 7.5 years in and it doesnt.

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While it might feellike everything isn't going as planned, always remember that life isn't perfect. At the end of the day, you will make it through your day, no matter how chaotic it can get.

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IfeellikeIhave a cold coming on so I ask my boss if I can go home. On the way up the road a small voice in the back of my mind says buy a

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He described it as almost feelinglike he was on vacation as we had been to several beaches for our last few vacations. It used to be filled with lots of drinking and

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He'd hadto do that several times a day since the snowfall. A few more flurries had left the ground solidly covered in snow. I was not very familiar with this part of the forest.