Feel like i have to pee all the time

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This feeling doesn't wake me up in the middle of the night, but it causes me discomfort during the day (and kills my sex drive, because nothing's sexier than feeling like I have to pee all the time, right?).

Does anyone feel like they have to pee ALL the time????

Hi Stef, I go through times when I have that bladder pressure and need to pee all the time, and then at other times I seem to be ok.

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Yeah, the one time I had a catheter (10 years ago) I remember that I felt like I had to go all the time. It was terrible. Now, I just tell the pts. to expect the feeling.

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I have to pee pretty bad at least once an hour...Even worse,I always feel thirsty ,so when I drink water,have have to pee like very 30 minutes.I kind of feel like half of my time is wasted on going potty.Sometimes I have to get up 2 times a night and pee.

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You should really talk with your dr. I had to pee all the time, too and I had a U.T.I. w/ no symptoms, just peeing every 5 mins.

Pinkish pee? Need to pee all the time but can't seem to pee it all out?

I feel like peeing all the time and when I do go it still feels like I have to pee some more but nothing comes out. I can't sleep through the night without having to pee and wet the bed 2 weeks ago. Can anybody tell me what this could be?

Feel like i have to pee all the time

Outstanding response time less than 6 minutes. Answered the question professionally and with a great deal of compassion.

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I feel like i need to poop. Feels like a lump in my throat all the time. Whenever i drink one coke it feels like i need to pee all the time. After i have a bowel movement i feel like there is still poop ready to come out.

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10. Why Do I Feel Like I Have To Pee Right After I Just Peed Mp3.

I feel like I have to pee all the time

My stomach started to hurt, and I feel like I have to throw up, but haven`t yet other people in my family have and upset stomach and feel like throwing up too.

Constantly feel the need and presure to pee but no stinging or pain

Iv been feeling like this all day and have spent most of it on the loo, Nd I shall be spending a long time in the bath this evening.

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I pretty much constantly feel pressure and like I have to pee. If I hold it in a long time the urge is stronger but as soon as I go, the urge starts creeping up again.

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ok. so this happens off & on all the time. 1. i feel likei have to pee & it hurts.

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I feel like I have to pee so bad half the time and then barely go!

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The woman who works there is angry: "Fredrica," she calls out to me in a harsh tone that indicates how she feels. "Next time go the nearest emergency room."

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feel bloated and hungry at the same time... don't want to feel judged. HPV? feels like a carrot growing inside top o... Urinary and Bladder Disorders. the feeling at the end of uriniation wit... never feel like i've emptied my bladder. feel like I need to pee, and it burns an...

Why does it feel like you have to pee all the time

Does cumming feel like your peeing? No. The primary feeling when you pee is your bladder emptying and urine moving through your penis.

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Like two days ago, i started feeling cramps in my lower stomach and i just thought that was normal. But the other day, i had to pee really bad, so i went an pee.

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Chronic retention occurs gradually with time and is diagnosed late because of the absence of symptoms. This can be caused by weak muscles, prolonged immobility, chronic obstruction, nerve disease or injury.

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This feeling doesn''t wake me up in the middle of the night, but it causes me discomfort during the day (and kills my sex drive, because nothing''s sexier than feeling like I have to pee all the time

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lol! well im a guy, and i have been know to hold my pee all day before! : P just get past that first 15 min and it doesnt feel like i need to pee anymore!

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I feel like i always have to pee but it doesn't burn. When i do only a small amount comes out.

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Has anyone experienced anything like that? Any ideas? And one more thing - somewhere around week 9 I started sometimes feeling excruciating pains in the back - on the left-hand side.

Why do I have to pee so much?

If you're feeling discomfort in your knees, you're not alone. More than 60 percent of women age 50 and older have some type of knee pain.

Peeing 50 times before falling asleep (10 replies)

Like if I sit on the computer all night, I don't have to pee, but when I lay down, I feel like I have to pee really bad. Sometimes I'll refuse to go cause I'll be sick of getting up but I'll feel like it's trapped in my body and I'll just go to the bathroom. Very little urine comes out every time I pee...

Help! My bladder hurts and I have to pee all the time

Let's go over some of the symptoms: 1. a whole lot of pelvic pain 2. feeling like a 2 litre of water is sitting on your bladder all the time 3. intense burning 4. peeing all the time - because you have this feeling like you gotta go and you gotta go now!

Feel like i have to pee all the time

feel love download. Feel Like I Have To Pee All The Time. Try less words? ie.

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I have gone about 6 times today and it still feels like i to pee or the main symptom of uti is a strong urge urinate often, even right after you emptied your most time, body can get rid these bacteria its symptoms are urinary urgency (the feeling that need urinate)...

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...(which is pretty much always), i dont have that problem of having to pee all the time...so i know it's directly related to how much liquid i drink...and i dont feel

10 Reasons You Always Have To Pee In The Middle Of The Night

If they're oversized, they can press on your bladder and make you feel like you have to pee all the time, Wexler says. "There's really no way to know if one of these is the cause unless you see a doctor," he adds.

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I have gone about 6 times today and it still feels like i to pee or the main symptom of uti is a strong urge urinate often, even right after you emptied your most time, body can get rid these bacteria its symptoms are urinary urgency (the feeling that need urinate)...

I Have Peed Myself 3 Times In the Past Few Months, WHY?!?!

In my time of greatest urinary need, I had to park a couple of blocks away. I know that's no big deal when you only have to pee a little, but when

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I have a problem and its because i feel like i have to all the time when i really dont but i have already went to the doctor and he said it wasnt a ururinary .

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It feel i have to pee and i dont all the time.

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Like, the urge to push so it does then after i pee have jus a very uncomfortable feeling seriously just want forever avoid this weird awkward urgent urination, urgency urinate, sudden ...

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Except taking zyrtec made me feel like I urgently had to pee every couple of hours. Of course, I didn't really have much to pee out that frequently.

Daughter Feels Constant Urge to Pee - Doesn't Have a Bladder Infection

This was to try to give her a sense of what a full bladder feels like and to just get things more in sync.

There's A Reason Why Touching Your Belly Button Makes You Feel...

And we all notice that when we touch our belly buttons, we get a strange sensation, like we have to go pee.

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Now at that point I felt like I had to take a sh!t, but there was no way I could turn down this opportunity; it seemed like she was into me and this would be a great opportunity to

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4) I feel a slight urge, I'm not in any trouble though. 5) I went a few hours ago. I have to pee, but I could hold it for a couple more hours.

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During Day 1, the idea is that you want your kid to pee a lot so he can get as much practice as possible in a short period of time.

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Believe me, I get peed on all the time by mine, they make me feel like an outhouse=) I have heard some stories of gliders that will usually only pee in there cage but that is a very small portion of the glider population.

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I don't actually think I feel like I need to go, I think it's all in my head and I'm telling myself I feel it when I don't.

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i hate loud noises when im alone/scared like when i was younger if i had to pee i would go pee, and not flush and run out of the bathroom to a safe zone i pee'd in a cup in my kitchen (i threw the cup away after) one time because i was too scared to walk the like 200 feet.

Almost fainting all the time

I m just wondering why i feel like i m going to pass out all the time?

Shroomery - Bad? trip report

I litteraly felt like i peed out all the bad feelings i was having during the trip and after that the trip was again pure bliss to experience.

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If anything, the constant need to pee is really scaring me, because I know it can be a symptom of ovary cancer :scared15: and I'm only 21 years old.

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By that time, I was still breathing through the contractions, and they were coming like clockwork every 3 minutes. It was very funny, though, because nothing else was going on.

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I feel like telling them that if you don't want to use them then don't. The one lady says to me, "you don't want me to have an accident do you?" My reaction is..."well...." My thoughts are,"go ahead and pee yourself if that's the only option".

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I'm feeling a bit jittery but I think it's just because it's cold in here. I got up to go pee again and walking was less difficult - my muscles are still extremely relaxed, I'm just more used

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Could not find a Twitter account for . Please try a different one. Super Pee Pee Time Podcast @SuperPeePeeTime.

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This time he put them up and then went back to the floor almost immediately, hiked his leg up and began peeing all over my leg.

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Please don't feel bad, lady. It wasn't you entering the men's washroom that caused that guy to pee on the guy next to him. Hell, we do that all the time.

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I pee clear till I am dehydrated, if I drink much green tea. I read it can be a sign of infections. Anyway it is clear my gut eco-system is changing.

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3. ... Do you get off touching your penis once when you pee? ... Does it feel like a penis?

Ok...this dog is about to go

She is also very sneaky..she will pee in places where she doesn't think you will notice...like on my slippers (this I discovered 10 minutes ago)....she

You ever take a dump made you feel like you slept for 12 hours?

Well sometimes I don't feel like taking a shit but I know I can hold it, the problem can sometimes be that I really have to pee and its difficult too in that condition.

5 months ownership and 25k kms and still feels like day one

The next 5 miles I was pretty much completely on my own, I had to pee like none other, and it was


The pains in my shoulders are better. But I look like I am 7 months pregnant. I am having some trouble going pee.

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Thirteen pupils graduated from the school in the year and a half it operated and, with a remarkable safety record for the time, there were no accidents. Hilda Hewlett participated in airshows and aviation competitions.

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My problem is that I must have a small bladder, cause when I drink a lot of water, I have to pee at least once an hour.

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The township limits were drawn in 1850 and given the name of Maniwaki by the Oblates at this time.

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I say to the lounging girl. She glares at me and gives me a "What?" Before continuing to read. "I have to pee."

I am very needy

All parties agreed if i coud get thru Christmos without callin her ONE TIME it woud be a big step in

Stopped at a gas station to pee before getting in these lines

It might not feel like it , but the adult bladder can hold as much as half a litre (2 cups) of pee before you' ll feel the need to 'go'.

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Yes we chose our profession, but we arent animals and we certainly don't want to be working on your toilet with your sons pee all over it with your period panties with