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The following formulas show how to calculate the effective focal length and principal-point locations for a combination of any two arbitrary components. The approach for more than two lenses is very simple: Calculate the values for the first two elements...

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3. Diverging (negative) lens. (d) A lens which converges a bundle of parallel rays is called a converging lens, or positive lens (its focal length is taken as positive.)


An important advantage of giving the focal length of a diverging lens as a negative number is that it makes the formulas work out automatically. For instance, if you combine a converging lens with 10 cm focal length with a diverging lens of...

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1. Gaussian Lens Formula. (2.1). where f is the focal length of a thin lens. f > 0 for a convex (converging) lens and f < 0 for a con-cave (diverging) lens. so and si are the distances between the central plane of the lens and an ob-ject and its image, respectively.

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Usually I was calculating the pinhole according the focal length and using Lord Rayleigh´s formula but since I know my pinhole size I wanted to know if I can

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The formula for determining the focal length of any lens is: 40/D. = inches of the focal length.

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The magnitude of the focal length of the lens is 20.0 cm. Find the image position and size.

Focal Length of a Lens

The principal focal length of a lens is determined by the index of refraction of the glass, the radii of curvature of the surfaces, and the medium in which the lens resides. It can be calculated from the lens-maker's formula for thin lenses.


Focal length is the distance at which a lens focuses parallel rays of light.

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The internet is full of formulas for converting between 'angle of view' and 'focal length', but what most don't disclose is that these calculations are

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The "effective focal length multiplier" formula is, by all accounts, an arbitrary value in the camera shake negating formula. In the above scenario, we multiplied the lens' focal length by 1.6 (the crop factor arrived at by comparing the 60D's sensor size to that of a full-frame camera).

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These equations use the focal length f of the lens, which is a characteristic of the lens and is usually expressed in millimeters.

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This relation always gives a negative focal length f as expected for a double concave lens (because it is a diverging lens). Consider such a lens composed of quartz with R1 = R2 = 29 cm and n = 1.54 for blue light.

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If the lens is constructed of homogeneous material of constant refractive index with centered spherical surfaces, then. The formula for the focal length of a lens in a vacuum is given by

Gaussian lens formula

The formula for field of view is shown in the lower-left corner of the applet, and the field of view for your current slider settings is shown in the

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Theory. A key formula when working with lenses is the Thin-Lens Equation: where f is the focal length of the lens, do is the object distance and di is the image distance.


f = 1/D f = focal length in metre D = lens power in dioptres, - for concave lens and + for convex lens. Vergence formula.

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Anyone know of a formula -- or other way -- to calculate the "new" focal length when you add a close-up or supplementary filter/lens to a given lens? I know that a CU lens has its own focal length and it will shorten the focal length of the lens...

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Lens maker's formula helps to construct a lens with specified focal length.

Spherical Lenses

The center rays, on the other hand, are coming to a focus behind the film plane; when the lens is stopped down, only those (out of focus) center rays are left. On the remainder of this page, we'll find an exact formula for the focal length of a spherical lens...

Measuring Focal Length

focal length = (d)/((m-(1/m)). Example: Lets say the magnification was 6x and the distance the lens had to be moved was 345mm.

For a lens ... 1/image distance + 1/object distance = 1/focal length of...

A very simple method to calculate the focal length of a lense is to focus it front of the sun and find out a sharp, small point at ground and you have to

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Converging and Diverging Lens. The Focal Length of Lenses. The Principal Focus.

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A lens surface that is concave to the outside is a diverging lens with a negative focal length.

Focal Length of a Lens

German: Brennweite. Category: general optics. Formula symbol: f. Units: m. How to cite the article; suggest additional literature.

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The focal length is one of the most important parameter of a lens.

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This is a formula for a thin lens, but still works, although for complex zoom and/or inner focus lenses it is less precise.

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Focal Lengths: As rays of light enter a camera through its lens they converge to a point of focus some distance behind the lens.

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Thin Lens Formula with Magnification for Concave and Convex Lenses. First of all, what is a thin lens?

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5. Use the thin lens formula or equivalently, , along with your measured values for so and si to calculate the focal length of your lens. Show your work on this paper and record your values in the table below.

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Effective Focal Length. A lens forms an image of the source on a target on which it is focused at an appropriate distance away.

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The focal length of a lens is an inherent property of the lens, it is the distance from the center of the lens to the point at which objects at infinity focus.

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Wattie magnification formula. Stereo base, not focal length of the lens, determines magnification. A stereoscopic photography paradox, when stereoscopic infinity is in the picture. 1/30 rule for stereo pairs: mathematics of the 2 meter stereo window.

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Converging lens of known focal length1: 100mm and 200mm. Screen: to receive the image created by the light source.

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The formula for G is only an approximation for the real relationship and is only accurate enough for large distances (i. e. d >> f). Many modern photo lenses use internal focusing, and with that the focal length changes with the focus distance.

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Since a concave lens will not produce a real image, a convex lens is used to measure its focal length. There are two methods to find the focal length of a concave lens.

Equivalent Focal Length and Field of View

Focal length is an optical attribute of a lens, which has nothing to do with the camera or the type of sensor it uses.

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A Short Description about the Arrangement As a concave lens always forms a virtual image, its focal length can not be found directly as for a convex lens.

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Once the resultant focal length of the telescope is chosen, the amplification factor must be adjusted to reach this value, by changing the distance between the Barlow lens and the focal plane. The formula can be reversed to obtain D from A and FB: D = FB (A - 1).

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0. Consider two lenses L1 and L2 separated by a small distance 'd' apart, as shown below. A ray of light AB initially parallel to the principal axis hits the lens L1 and deviates and then hits lens L2.

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The calculator below converts between the focal length f and the field of view (FOV) of a rectilinear lens. The formula that it implements is FOV = 2 arctan (x / (2 f)), where x is the diagonal of the film. The FOV is measured across the frame's diagonal...

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Select the best suited lens for optimum performance in each application. Focal Length. Rays from infinitely distance objects are condensed internally in the lens at a common point on the optical axis.

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The focal length of some lenses changes significantly with focus though - e.g., Canon 100mm macro is apparently closer to 70mm when it's at minimum focus.

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I have obtained a formula for this: - 1 + 1 = 1 or 1 = -1 + P U V F U V AND Problems that might arise: In this experaments there might be a number of problems.

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Longer focal lengths, like those found on a telephoto lens, provide a narrower angle of view with greater magnification. If your lens is marked with a focal length range, like 18-105mm this means it is a zoom lens capable of a range of different focal lengths.

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f is the focal length of the lens, do is the distance of the object from the lens, and di is the distance of the image formed by the lens. Lens Formula Sample Problem. Let's say your teacher gave you this problem

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Definition: The equation relating the object distance (u), the image distance (v) and the focal length (f) of the lens is called the lens formula.

Camera Sensor Crop Factor and Equivalent Lens Focal Length.

The Focal Length of the lens is as marked, 50 mm. The sensor crop factor cannot change the physical lens focal length.

Focal Length of Lenses

Objective: To measure the focal length of convex (positive or convergent) lenses and concave (negative or divergent) lenses.

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When the lens focuses on infinity, the focal length of a lens is fixed.

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Focal length is measured in millimeters (mm) and it represents the distance from the optical center of a lens to the digital camera sensor when the subject of the photo is in focus. This is the standard textbook definition...

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The focal length of a lens determines the magnification and compression of a scene.

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Table 7: Focal length from the compound lens formula. Lens or Lens Combination: RG.

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The power of a lens (units are called DIOPTERS) is just the reciprocal of the focal length, in meters.

Diopter and Lens Power

In fact, it is usually referred to as lens power. Normally, the focal length of a lens uses millimeter as a unit such as 50mm, 100mm, 8.9mm and

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If f represents the focal length of an ordinary positive lens, nf any multiple of it, By the law of conjugate foci: f2 =xy.(1) where x=nf, and y=1/nf.

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Focal length is a term that refers to the optical length of a lens.

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6.1 Focal Length Of Convex Lenses. Check that the laser beam is parallel to the axis of the optical bench by letting the laser beam hit a mark on the screen, and then moving

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Determination of the Focal Length of a Convex Lens UV Method - Продолжительность: 2:38 TutorVista 125 785 просмотров.

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Find its focal length when it is immersed in water, which has an index of refraction: nw = 1.33.


Focal length is the distance at which a lens focuses parallel rays of light.

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Calculate the magnifying power of each magnifying lens. Use the following formula. Where Mp is Magnifying power, LDDV is the least distance of distinct vision you found in step 7, and Lf is the focal length of the lens.

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Learn the effects of a camera lens' focal length to help you choose the right lens for a particular scene and your photography style.

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The focal length formula helps to determine the focal length in both concave and cave lenses.

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This next diagram is also inaccurate compared to the actual optical formula of the particular lens, however it depicts the general concept of a multi-element


a formula for the focal lengths and aberrations of a lens of uniaxal crystal bounded by any two infinitely near surfaces, which have the optical axis of the crystal for their common axis of revolution: all cases of cusps or other singular curvatures at the common vertex being set aside.

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Very simply, it is the distance from the lens to the film, when focused on a subject at infinity. In other words, focal length equals image distance for a far subject.

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To determine the appropriate focal length, set the spherical aberration formula for a plano-convex lens equal to the source (spot) size

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That's important because the focal length of a lens is based on that full frame 35mm format.