Formula for focal length of a lens

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a uniform bar of length L. cross sectional area A and unit mass p is suspended, vertically from one end. Show that its total elongation is O= pg L2/2E. if the total mass of the bar is M, show also O=MgL/2AE??

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If the lens is constructed of homogeneous material of constant refractive index with centered spherical surfaces, then. The formulafor the focallength

Focal length of a lens. Focal length calculator
Focallength calculator. When rays of light pass through a convex lens (the shape of lens shown in figure above) they tend to converge at a single point

Focal Length Formula
Effective FocalLength (EFL) is the focallength affected by the camera’s crop factor. The numbers in the lens’ manual show some focallength values that

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Extracts lensFocalLength metadata from Canon C300 MXF files. Put the search dir in "rootdir" variable, where the MXF files are located (can be in subdirs also). Outputs "output.txt" with ShotName / FocalLength range tabulated values on each line.