Grand theft auto san andreas cheats infinite health

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Can anyone tell me the real cheat for InfiniteHealth the BAGUVIX and the CAINEMVHZC cheats do not work for me, GrandTheftAuto: SanAndreas Questions and answers, PC.

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.Secrets - GTA: SanAndreas: This page contains Cheats and Secrets for GrandTheftAuto: SanAndreas. gta-san-andreas-a-cheat-fueled-rampage

Gta San Andreas infinite health cheat is what
1. GRANDTHEFTAUTO: SANANDREASCHEATS, CHEAT CODES & HINTS Player Cheats: Get Full Armor, Full Health & $250.000: While playing, press HESOYAM.

grand theft auto san andreas cheats for infinite health PS2?
Just for health and ammo nothing more, I don't want links to game cheat site like ign and others please i will give ten points to the one that can give me the cheats with a cheat site link.