Grow your own venus fly trap kit

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap Plant Kit - Etsy
New Kit for 2017 - Extra large grow pellets now included!! The VenusFlyTrap, Dionaea Muscipula, is a carnivorous plant native to the bogs and swamplands of North and South Carolina. It preys on insects with its uniquely shaped leaves. The leaf has two primary regions: a broad flat.

Lowes' grow your own vft kit? : Venus Fly Trap General Discussions
Most stores like that have growyourownkits. When i first tried Carnivorous Plants, i used these, and suffered a failure of epic proportions. Wait till you can get something live, it's much more likely to please ya'.

So, I bought a "grow your own venus fly trap" kit...? - Yahoo Answers
This ''Growyourown" kit comes with the soil, seeds, it's own terrerium, and an instructional booklet. Only problem is; it's the dead of winter where I am so there's no rainwater to water it