He have or he has which is correct

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He might have or He might has which one is correct? usually we use 'has' before he/she/it. then how? Please clear my doubt, and provide some sentences.

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Which is correct to say? "Does he has" or "Does he have"?

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Which is correct He will have to inform me by sunday or, he will has to inform me by sunday. plz write reason also.

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If the sentence is re-stated as: #color(white)("XXX")#He already has come. it is easier to see the present perfect tense. (Note that despite its name, the "present perfect" is a past action tense). There are 3 (main, see note below) past tenses (in English)

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At least he had found the correct profession. Maybe. Correct me if I'm wrong. Two hundred years later, William Rutherford thought he had calculated it to 208 digits but only got the first 152 correct, so we will give him credit that far.

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Which is correct -- Puedes pasar por mi oficina cuando tienes un momento? o Puedes pasar por mi oficina cuando tengas un momento?

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The country now has a civilian or democratic government, which has (correct) been in existence since...

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Also give him a list of house rules and that he has to do his own laundry, take out the garbage, etc.

he has , he have .which one is correct

he has is correct. because has use with it , he and with she . have used with i ,we,they ,you etc.

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This error has become common because of the demand for political correctness; instead of saying his or hers, people will often just say theirs.

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Now he lies in bed most of the day. The job lay before us as we negotiated terms. Our proposal has lain unanswered for two weeks.

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5) He has a car, __doesn't he__? also correct: hasn't he 6) Angela has ordered pizza, __hasn't she__?

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It's saying "he has no car." B has included "does" which my awful memory knows is often used as an auxiliary verb.

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Look at the correction: Every one of the soldiers reported that he or she had completed the training exercise prior to the incident, although the lieutenant claimed several

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He has black short hair and brown 4 eyes. He isn't very tall but he's more tall than me. I don't 5 think is particularly good-looking, but he has something 6 that make him a special person to me.

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He/She/It + HAS + past participle. Ex. I have traveled to Paris three times. He has never seen a James Bond movie!

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Who withholds or withdraws his rod of correction, which is in his hand, which he has power to use, and ought to exercise at proper times; he, instead of loving his son, may be said to hate him

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Correct: He did not come to school because he was ill. This is a very common punctuation mistake. Because is a subordinating conjunction.

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He has black short hair and brown 4 eyes. He isn't very tall but he's more tall than me. I don't 5 think is particularly good-looking, but he has something 6 that make him a special person to me.

Because none of us could remember the way he had come, we got lost.

He never forgot her, his one true love, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen or ever would see.

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Ideally, in Sentence Correction, you should take approximately 1 minute to answer every question. Now imagine, if you were to actually read all.

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He has to work. * I have to get up early tomorrow. I'm going away and my train leaves at 7.30. If you are not sure which to use, it is usually safer to use have to.


Here's an example of a relatively simple verb tense error, and its correction: Incorrect: After he had finished his performance, he would go to the party. Correct: After he had finished his performance, he went to the party. Why is the second sentence correct?

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Would you please tell me which forms of the following sentences are grammatically correct and why

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Look at the following examples of question tags in English. The correct form of the tag is underlined. a) He´s getting the 9.15 train, isn´t he / hasn´t


There are three distinct types of verbals, all of which are important to understand for GMAT sentence correction

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Use the he/him method to decide which word is correct. he = who him = whom Examples: Who/Whom wrote the letter?

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13. Frank wishes he had taken/would have taken the job when he had the chance. 14. Harry is a vegetarian, despite/although he does occasionally eat fish.

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Archie cocked his head, as if he had just caught the sound of a rare bird. (b). He stared at him.

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If the sentence is correct, put a tick (V ). If it is incorrect, cross the unnecessary have or has out of the sentence and write it in the space.

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he He does not have a beard. Does she have a she sister? it It has a window.

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He worked for Manitoba Heat and Light until he retired, and now he annoys my mom because he's around the house all day.

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ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR QUIZ topic: Verbs: TO HAVE (present tense) - level: Beginner. Choose the correct PRESENT TENSE form of the verb TO HAVE for each sentence

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He invited 30 people to his party. IV. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct form. If you (eat) another cake, you (be) sick.

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17. Which version is punctuated correctly? a. Much still needs to be learned about the new candidate Mr. Clayton, we will continue our interview with him tomorrow. b. Much still needs to be learned about the new candidate, Mr

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Put in the correct preposition. If no preposition is necessary, leave the space empty. Key.2 for 3 for 4

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Write correct sentences in the box. Add have or has. 1. Mrs. Cohen / a dog.


All the errors dealt with are singled out, for they have to be recognised before they can be corrected: then correct forms are substituted for


lunches to school. 3. Complete the sentences with must or have to (in the correct form). Sometimes it is possible to use either; sometimes only have to.

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Chance recognized him instantly; he had seen him many times on THIS EVENING, although he did not like talk shows very much.


Where necessary, edit the following sentences to eliminate any inappropriate verb forms. If the verb forms in a sentence are correct as written, write C

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He skided across the rocks, yeling for help. As he fell he bumpped his backside on some jaged rocks and ended up a lot weter than he intended.

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4. He was ... that he hardly had any friends at all. a. so shy b. such a shy c. such shy d. shy so.

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"He has a pet dog." "She has a boyfriend." "It has rained all day" (present perfect) "Susan has your pen."

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Выберите правильный вариант ответа Choose the correct variant: 1. I ... a nice flat in a new house. have got am has got.

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24. Nick said that he has never been to Disneyland. 25. The Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

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-she can't come to the phone now she has a shower. -we are needing an answer from you before Wednesday.


He is rational in that he forms the best possible solutions he can on the data he has and from his viewpoint.