He have or he has which is correct

which one is correct He might have or He might has - Forum
He might haveorHe might haswhich one iscorrect? usually we use 'has' before he/she/it. then how? Please clear my doubt, and provide some sentences.

Which is correct grammar? "He has already come." or... - Socratic
If the sentence is re-stated as: #color(white)("XXX")#He already has come. it is easier to see the present perfect tense. (Note that despite its name, the "present perfect" is a past action tense). There are 3 (main, see note below) past tenses (in English)

Which is correct: 'He has your eyes' or 'He got your eyes'?
Since the eyes in question are the current possessions of the boy, the present tense is called for. “Hehas your eyes” iscorrect. The word “got” is in the past tense, so it can also be considered correct to say “He got his eyes from you.”

Has or have - 7. Where ……………. he gone?
7. Where hashe gone? 8. You should not have done this. 9. How long have you been waiting here? 10. We have no interest in this proposal. 11. Mark has not got a girlfriend. 12. You should have been more careful. 13. It has been raining since yesterday.

Which is correct (* him or he)? -The old man is satisfied for has won...
(Is it correct to say "has won" for the sentence above?) 0. 0. 0. asked by Anonymous Apr 21, 2012 at 12:14pm. Yes, "him" and "has won" arecorrect. posted by Ms. Sue Apr 21, 2012 at 12:25pm. I sure hope you'll insert the missing "he" in that sentence. Do you see where it's needed?