How can i block a private number

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Blockingaprivatenumber on iPhone If you’re using an iPhone and are interested in understanding how to blockaprivatenumberI hate to tell you but unfortunately at the moment no app is not available that allows you to do so. However, it is possible to exploit the Do Not Disturb function for.

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Can you blockprivatenumbers when you don't have the phone number? Will youmail do this? On my Tilt, I use Photo Contacts Pro and set it so that private or blockednumbers automatically go to my Youmail account. Then in youmail, they get a VM that says they have to unblock their number and try.

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There are many numberblocking apps available on the Play store. Just type 'numberblocking' into the search box and take your pick. Please be aware though that to block withheld numbers, an app will need to block ALL withheld numbers, which means you may miss ome legitimate calls.

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I dont know how they got my number. Well I went on settings and blocked people who I ahvent added in contact list. HowcanI only blockprivatenumbers??