How many pictures fit on a cd

How many pictures can I store on a CD or DVD?
The number of pictures that can be stored onaCD or DVD depends on the file size of each picture, which increases as picture resolution does. Due to these differing file sizes, it is difficult to state an exact number of pictures that can fiton, but the table below has some good estimates

How many songs fit on a CD
Howmany songs you can fitonaCD is dependent on howmany minutes the CD will hold. Most CDs these days hold 80 minutes worth of music (it will say on the CD packaging). So, if you're in iTunes, the bottom of the playlist window will display total time, keep it under 1:18:00 (1 hour and 18 minutes).

How do I fit more songs on a CD? - Acoustica :: FAQ
The MP3 quality will determine how much audio will fit. In practice, it usually is 10 times more, ie: 80 minutes. The number of songs will be dependent on how large the songs

How do I fit more songs on an audio CD? - Apple Community
Is there a way to fitmore songs onan audio CD from itunes and still retain the good sound? Also I want it to play on my stereo. I've read about the differences on the help tab in itunes but I'm still

How many songs on a CD? - Tech Support Guy
When ripping songs from existing CD's to a new CD, howmany can I expect to fiton the new CD? My CD's are 700MB.