How to clean a new belly piercing

How To Clean A Belly Button Piercing – Ultimate Guide
Making sure you know howtoclean your newbelly button piercing is a big deal. That’s how you’ll prevent common complications from ruining your newpiercing. Although, knowing what to do isn’t enough. You have to commit to spending the time to actually do it.

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Rating Newest Oldest. Cleaning any piercing is pretty much the same. Get a cup of hot (not boiling) water and put a small amount of salt in it. Stir a little to dissolve the salt. Then take a cotton bud and dip in the salty water. Then just wipe the top and bottom part of the bellypiercing.

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Q-tip, saline wound spray, clean hands!!. 1. Make sure your hands are sparkly clean so no bad bacteria can be transferred from your hands to your belly button✨✨ 2. Grab your saline wound spray!

How To Clean Your New Belly Button Piercing Experience
Cleaninga navel piercing involves cleaning it often with antibacterial soap, antimicrobial soap, a saline solution or a homemade sea salt mixture, which is .