How to connect html page to database

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No, you cannot connect with HTML to a database. HTML is a language designed to tell browsers howto display your web page, nothing more. You'll need to use something like JavaScript or PHP or Python or ruby or a host of other languages to make, manage and use that connection.

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I have used trusted connection with Database, you can change its connection string according to your need. This piece of code will work well with HTML/ASPX pages.

How to connect a HTML page to MySQL
How do i connect to MySQL. I have tryed this: <?php $con=mysql_connect("HOST", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD"); mysql_select_db("DATABASE")

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HTML is Hypertext Markup Language it is not a programming language. You will need to use a full programming language like PHP to add any logic to your pages and communicate with a database. One other pretty major point you should research how many concurrent connections you can have.

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i am developing a website in html in which the contactus page i have toconnect to ms access database i am not able to get it ,can any one tell me howto get that one.