How to make pop up cards easy

36 DIY Ideas for Making Pop-Up Cards - FeltMagnet
Pop-up greeting cards aren’t difficult tomake once you understand how the pop-up mechanism works. They are great for any occasion. I spent a couple of days searching for pop-upcard crafts that included instructions and templates, and I think I've found a nice variety that you will love.

How to Make Pop-Up Birthday Cards (with Pictures) - eHow
Pop-up birthday cards are a simple, portable way to add a special touch to birthdays. You can design a custom birthday card with a pop-up cake and handwritten greeting. Cards can be made with standard craft supplies like glue and colored construction paper. Your handmade pop-upcard will surely stand.

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Step Pop-UpCards - Make a pop-up greeting card for a variety of occasions. See howeasy it is tomake a step pop-up mechanism, also sometimes called a platform or double-slit pop-up. Once you learn this technique, it's a simple matter to create pop-upcards of your own design.