How to tie on a fishing lure

Guide on How to Tie a Fishing Knot
HowtoTieFishing Knots. Tyingfishing knots properly helps ensure that tackle does not come off your line. Fishing rigs are the combination of tackle (hooks, swivels, sinkers, etc.) added to the

How To Tie A Lure: The Simple Methods On How To Tie A Lure
Learning howtotie a lure is essential to your fishing success. If you fasten your fishinglures correctly, they can more likely entice fishes that

How to tie a fishing lure knot with braided fishing line
In this video the Pemberton Fish Finder shows you howto attach your fishinglure to your braided fishing line with the use of knots. The two knots we show you are both very strong knots for attaching both super braids and regular braided fishing lines. These knots have been tested on some of the.