I danced with you once upon a dream

Emily Osment - Once Upon A Dream Lyrics - AZLyrics.com
Onceupona time Onceupona night Onceupona wish Onceuponadream. I know youIdancedwithyouonceupona night There we were Wishing this dance would last forever all time. I hope it's true This vision is more than what it seems 'Cause if dreams come true I know what we'll do We'll.

No Secrets – Once Upon Another Dream Lyrics - Genius Lyrics
Onceuponadream in a magical kingdom A beautiful princess fell into a long deep sleep (I've been dreaming about you). Only kiss from a handsome prince could awake her So he could tell her how lovely she is. (Wake me up). I know youIdancedwithyouonceuponadream.

I Know You... I Danced With You Once Upon A Dream. - Poem Hunter
I keep living life hoping that one day I will see This beautiful girl and know instantly That this is the one, she's the girl of my dreamsI've been waiting for her, she's been waiting for me.