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Wisconsin now has Concealed Carry weapons permits. This alows you to carry a knife concealed. Still illegal to carry a switch blade though.

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A lock knife is not a folding pocket knife and therefore it is illegal to carry around such a knife regardless of the length of the blade (if you do not have reasonable excuse). A lock knife means a knife which is similar to a folding knife, in that there is a spring holding the blade closed.

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Carrying a switchblade, concealed or out in the open is always illegal in California. If it is concealed in your pocket you could also be charged with the more serious crime of Concealed Dirk or Dagger (penal code 21310). If you want to carry the knife around...

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Are spring assisted knives knives that opens with a spring halfway legal to CARRY in Irving Texas if so what can the maximum length of the whole knife be?

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Banned knives and weapons. It is illegal to bring into the UK, sell, hire, lend or give anyone the following

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In accordance with the Austrian Arms Act of 1996 (Waffengesetz 1996) it is illegal to buy, import, possess or carry weapons that are disguised as another object or as an object of common use (sword canes, e.g., or knives disguised as ink pens, brush handles or belt buckles).[2] For ordinary knives...

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It is illegal to sell a knife to a person under the age of 16. This law doesn't apply to knives that are considered prohibited weapons (for example, butterfly knives) which are illegal to own or carry at any point in time.

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Carrying a concealed dirk or dagger is illegal. California residents are allowed to own and carry Bowie and large knifes with no length limit.

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In Texas, illegal knives are described as knives with blades longer than 5.5 inches, along with swords.

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2. The law clearly stipulates that balisongs/switchblades (both understood by the law as flick knife) and the gravity knives are illegal.

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It is illegal to carry, open or concealed, a knife larger than 5 inches without a permit. For knives greater than 12 inches, you need a weapons permit. (HB 292 increases the legal length of a knife blade to carry to 12 inches.)

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So i have just called my local police station and asked if i am allowed to carry a small folding knife with a blade under 4 inches. Well, the cop told me that it's illegal to carry ANY knife on you. If the cop was telling the truth, proud of Canada.

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Some 60,000 knife owners in New York City alone have been arrested carrying certain kinds of knives, including gravity-assisted folding blades, on their persons. A proposed new law would make it illegal only to use such knives in the commission of a crime.

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We all carry for Holland ''illegal'' knives. even the teachers do. But we know we dont do anything wrong with it. only for our own saftey, so noone cares. well perhaps the cops. but they'll never know!

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Well, in New Jersey, maybe. Section 2C:39-3 of the New Jersey Criminal Code makes it illegal to carry "any gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto . . . without any explainable lawful purpose."

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State law defines an illegal knife as a knife with a blade longer than 5½ inches, a hand instrument designed to cut or stab by being thrown, a dagger, a Bowie knife, a sword or a spear.

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Basic laws on knives. It is illegal to: sell a knife of any kind (including cutlery and kitchen knives) to anyone under 18.

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Carrying a knife is illegal in Malaysia. You will be arrested and charged under the Corrosive, Explosive and Dangerous Weapons Act 1958 which carries a jail term of up to two years and whipping, upon conviction.

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That being said, last I heard ANY knife that operates by spring, gravity, or centrifugal(sp?) force is illegal to carry. (mind you to carry.....ownership is different.) As for having one in your home to practice with, or to display in a...

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The laws and rules about carrying knives in the UK is very confusing. Especially when you start trying to work out whether multi-tools like the Leatherman tools are legal or not.

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Practically any knife or bladed implement can be legally owned in the Old Colony State, but most of them cannot be carried either openly or concealed. Some knives are illegal to manufacture or sell in Massachusetts despite the fact they can be legally owned...

Is a Knife Clipped to Your Pocket Considered Concealed Carry?

If a police officer were to see the knife clip attached to your pocket, would it be considered concealed carry or open carry?

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If you want to carry a fixed-blade knife, you must wear it openly on your belt, or else leave it in your car. Do not wear a knife on a lanyard around your neck or concealed under your shirt. Aside from being dangerous, it's also illegal.

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Knives <3.5" are illegal to carry concealed with intent to use as a weapon, but otherwise are okay: A.P.E. v People 20 P.3d 1179 (2001).

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A new state law eliminates the category of "illegal knives," effectively expanding knife owners' freedom to carry blades almost anywhere in the state.

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Carrying a knife (illegal?) Just curious if anyone can settle an argument me and a few co-workers have been having. Is it legal to carry a knife in canada?

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Lock knives are not classed as folding knives and are illegal to carry in public without good reason.

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No I wasn't thinking that haha. And yes I'm pretty sure it is illegal, atleast where I live anyway. Recently a 13 year old was arrested for carrying a large knife at the local skatepark which is about a 2 minute drive from where I live.

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This includes hunting knives, pocket knives, multi-tools, survivor knives, balisongs etc. as knives are not considered weapons. The only exception are switchblades. It is illegal to carry or possess a switchblade if it meets one of the following criteria: the blade is longer than 8.5 cm...

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I found out that carrying a knife in Mexico is illegal, like go to prison and or pay thousands of dollars kind of illegal. I flew into Mexico the other week and had to leave any kind of knife behind and was thinking I better pick on up on arriving.

I want to carry a pocket knife in washington state. specifically

What are the exact law concerning blade length, type of knife such as can I carry an auto assist knife. Does the name of the knife also cause problems. example, Ka-Bar Black Fighter. IS there a blade type or style that is illegal.

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UK Legal Knife Clause: Knives You Can Carry Without a Valid Reason. Interestingly, the UK has a clause that allows you to carry a folding

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That makes it illegal to carry on your person or in the passenger compartment of a car any switchblade or similar knife. It also includes butterfly knives, gravity knives or other knives that can be opened with the push of a button, a flick of the wrist or gravity.

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Worth noting, especially as this site (excellent though it is) skews heavily towards the US: it is illegal to carry a lock knife of any length in the United Kingdom, and any knife over 3 inches blade length.

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In the State of Virginia, any knife carried concealed that is not a folding knife with a metal blade 3 inches or less in length can be classified as an illegal, concealed weapon if local law enforcement apprehends you and the local district attorney chooses to prosecute.

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If so they are illegal in the UK - arrest and then trial and prosecution - really illegal! UK law - as well as switchblades being illegal, an Opinel is a lock knife and is also illegal to carry without due cause - so if you visit us - Basic laws on knives It is illegal to

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Lock knives (knives with blades that can be locked when unfolded) are not folding knives, and are illegal to carry in public without good reason.

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Per se knives cannot be carried on public land without prior security clearance. UUW knives cannot be carried or possessed with an intent to use unlawfully.

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It's illegal to carry a knife or offensive weapon in a public place without a reasonable excuse. Reasonable excuses include those who need them for work, like fishermen or carpet fitters, but this only applies while they're actually at work.

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This is the main reason I don't carry an auto knife any longer. I have a drawer full of very nice ones, but carry Spyderco Enduras and Delicas almost exclusively.

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Like in San Antonio assisted blade knives are illegal, but in my town of La Vernia they are not, So long story short, Unless there is a city ordinace against it, yes they are legal. Also any knife over 5.5" blade cannot be carried in public, and cannot be in reach of an persons in a vehicle.

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Arguably one of the most well-known and prolific myths is that a knife is illegal to carry if the blade is larger than the palm of one's hand. Variations include that it is your own hand, the hand of the police officer examining, or the judge.


State law defines certain knives as dangerous weapons and, with minor exceptions, makes it illegal to carry them on one's person or in a vehicle.

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Gray was carrying a "pocket knife of legal size," according to attorney William Murphy. But the police investigation found that the knife was illegal under Baltimore city code. CNN has not been able to independently examine the knife in question.

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I actually noticed this in a completely different thread of yours, you were asking for another knife suggestion and even there I mentioned I was surprised you carry a manix in NYC, so.. YES your manix is ILLEGAL.. it can actually get you jail time I...

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However, it is legal to carry a knife with a folding blade off less than 3-inches/7.62cm (i.e. a Swiss Army knife). Source: website.

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It is illegal for anyone to carry a knife without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. You could influence your friends by not carrying a knife and in turn make the streets safer. It is illegal for anyone to carry a knife as a weapon.

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Why Should You Get an EDC Knife? First on our list of criteria is a serious question. Why would someone even want to carry a knife every day?

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it's legal to buy and own any kind of blade, but it's illegal to carry them in public, unless you have a professional need or other valid reason (e.g. a carpenter or a handyman is allowed to carry a work knife).

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Originally posted by -Triple-: I have a question. Honestly. Why would a non-lethal baton be illegal for ordinary citizens to carry, but a .50 cal pistol is just dandy?

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It is illegal to carry a dirk, dagger, or stiletto with the intent of using it unlawfully against another. New York does not have conceal carry laws, and therefore it is legal to open or conceal carry any legal knife.

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Facts about Connecticut Knife Law. The Connecticut knife laws are just awesome. It does not have any particular knife that is illegal. Its limitations are only carrying the knives around. Knives Are Legal to Own in Connecticut State

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"In a survey, 46% of youngsters in Newcastle said they carried around a knife with them. That's a horrifying statistic," he told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "We have got to get the message through: this is illegal, it is very, very dangerous.

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That means that something like a Swiss army knife definitely will not do. That being said, in some places folding knives and other concealed blade knives such as butterfly knives are usually illegal to carry in public.