Lump on back of leg behind knee in child

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Kalathoor on lumponbackoflegbehindknee: It is possible, but it may also be a baker's cyst, which can indicate that there is something structurally wrong within your knee.

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One of my children had a lumpon the backof her knee as a child. We were worried of course, but it was dx as a lipoma or fatty lump.

What could be causing a lump on the back of my leg, behind the knee?
The lump could be caused by any of the following conditions: Lipoma ; which is a collection of fat in a particular area. or an abcess or an Aneurysm ; which is when either your veins or arteries becomes dilated. or enlarged lymph gland; which usually happens when their is an obstruction in the gland or.

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Pain behind the knee, aka posterior knee pain, is a common problem and can be the result of a whole range of knee injuries. Damage to any of the

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A cyst in the backof the knee, similar to the lump you describe in your question, is called a Baker's cyst, named after the physician who first discovered them.

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I have a lump just below the crease of my knee on the inner side. Not huge maybe grape sized but is slightly painful to touch. No swelling in the rest of my leg and I do stans most of the day