Nike mag back to the future shoes

Nike MAG Shoes From Back To The Future Actually... - aBlogtoWatch
Nike claims the shoes are a direct aesthetic replica of the movie prop shoes from the film. In BacktotheFuture Part II Marty McFly actually travels to 2015 – so perhaps in a few years we will get the real deal. I do not believe that the NikeMAG 2011 shoes will be commercially available outside of the.

NIKE mag: 'back to the future' shoes make limited edition run
NIKEmag — the responsive sneakers that sense the wearer and self-adjust using ‘adaptive fit’ — have been released in a limited edition run. the shoes, most famously worn in ‘backtothefuture part II’, quickly became a cultural icon. now, almost 30 years later, NIKE in partnership with the michael j. fox.