Swelling on left side of neck above collarbone

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hi my husband is having a swellingabove the leftcollarbone area with severe pain in neck, shoulder and arm all leftside. there is intermittent fever of around 102

Know the Causes of Swollen Collarbone & its Symptoms, Treatment
Causes of swollencollarbone includes injury, bone disorders, infections, vitamin D deficiency, arthritis, osteoarthritis, bone tumor etc. Swelling of the collarbone is a symptom itself.

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I noticed yesterday swellingon both sidesof my lower neck and just above my collarbone. It wasn't visible in the mirror yesterday, but today you can even

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My leftsideneck pain started recently, but the swellingabove my collarbone has been there for about two weeks. I had my blood work done - everything was normal.

Swollen Clavicle (Collarbone Swelling) Causes and Symptoms
A swollen clavicle is any fluid accumulation or enlargement in and around the collarbone. In some cases the swelling does not involve the collarbone itself.