The energy of rest or stored energy

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The restenergyof any substance is defined by the Einstein's mass energy equivalence relation. E = m.c^2. Thus the rest mass of a proton is 1.67x10^-27 kg.

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What happens to energystored in an object at rest, such as theenergy put into a battery by charging it, or theenergystored in a toy gun’s compressed spring? Theenergy input becomes part of the total energyof the object and, thus, increases its rest mass. All stored and potential energy becomes.

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Restenergy definition, theenergy equivalent to the mass of a particle at rest in an inertial frame of reference, equal to the rest mass times the square of the speed of light. See more.

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The restenergy E0 is also theenergy equivalent of a resting, i.e. immobile particle. Therefore, the restenergyof a proton for example is 938.257 MeV.

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Storedenergy synonyms, Storedenergy pronunciation, Storedenergy translation, English dictionary definition of Storedenergy. n. Theenergyof a

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.capable of storingenergy (such as a compressing spring), theenergyof an object at rest is theenergy associated with the object's mass (or

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The proton’s restenergy could be described in terms of the restenergiesof the constituent quarks, their motion internal to the proton, and their interaction energy."