Ways to keep babies cool in summer

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A great waytocoolbaby down insummer is to offer sponge baths from time to time. Use plain water without soap to avoid stripping baby’s skin of natural

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13 clever ways to keep babies cool in summer
Flushed cheeks, a damp neck and grumpy grumbles are all signs that bub is feeling the heat, and fortunately, there are waysto take the sting out of summer. From spending the day in a cool shopping centre to making a few adjustments around the home, there are plenty of things you can do tokeep.

8 Ways To Keep Babies Cool In The Summer, According To Experts
So, how do you keepbabiescoolin the summer? And, perhaps just as importantly, are the ways do so that won't increase the amount of "stuff" us parents have to haul around?

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We all can’t wait for the summer months, though warmer temperature could provide extreme discomfort for the young ones. Hot temperatures make it unpleasant and uncomfortable for your offspring. As a parent or guardian, one should prepare tokeep your babycoolin hot weather condition.

12 best ways to keep the baby cool in summer
Summer is no reason to have your baby locked up at home; Every baby needs its share of fresh air and sunlight. However, the delicate, sensitive skin of a baby is particularly susceptible to prolonged sun damage. Make it a rule to stay inside between 10 and 17 o’clock when the heat is unbearable.

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As the temperature rises, keepingbabies and kids comfortable in the backseat becomes a challenge. These are 9 ways we keep our son coolin his

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Keepingbabiescool and comfortable in hot weather can be stressful, but there's a number of waysto help your bub from overheating. Unlike adults, young children don't perspire very much, which affects their ability to cope with the heat so therefore must rely on other waystokeep their little bodies at a.