What can i substitute for butter in a recipe

What can you use as a substitute for butter in a recipe
Can softened butter be substitutedfor melted butterinarecipe or are recipes usually meant to use one phase of butter only? This depends on the recipe. Sometimes softened butter can be used instead of melted or hard butter without there being any difference in the resulting product.

Can I Substitute Butter for Vegetable Oil in a Cake Mix?
Butter as the Pinch Hitter. When swapping out butter for vegetable oil ina cake mix, melt the butter first in the microwave so that it is liquefied. Do this in 15-second increments to avoid burning the butter, which can negatively affect its flavor. Use either the same amount of butter or about 20 percent more.

What’s the Best, Healthiest Butter Substitute? - Dr. Axe
Where to Find ButterSubstitutes + Butter-Free Recipes. Most buttersubstitute options are easy to find in your local supermarket, but a health

Can I Substitute Oil for Butter? - Bob's Red Mill Blog
Do not substitutebutter for oil when the recipe calls for creaming the butter with sugar. Oil will definitely not be a great sub in this case, as it does not carry the air bubbles needed for creating a nice, creamy texture. If your recipe calls for melted butter alone, then you have a better chance of similar.

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Empanada dough recipe using shortening instead of butter. Could probably substitute coconut oil or Spectrum shortening, but i haven't officially tried it yet.