What days are fertile in a 28 day cycle

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Ina28-daycycle, for example, ovulation occurs between the 13th and the 17th day. Unfortunately, very few women have cycles of a consistent length.

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A28-daycycle may be the average cycle length. But you shouldn't think it's the ideal. Your period can be longer or shorter than this, and you can still

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Were talking about the 'fertile window’ – the daysina woman’s menstrual cycle when pregnancy is possible. The ‘fertile window’ depends on the length of the menstrual cycle, which varies among women. The ‘fertile window’ is the day an egg is released from the ovary (ovulation) and the five.

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Most women have a28-day menstrual cycle. That means you have about 6 days each month when you can get pregnant. That includes the day that one of your ovaries releases an egg, called

When does ovulation happen in a 28 day cycle
I have a 33 daycycle. Im usually am most fertiledays 16-19 counting from the first day I start my period. I have three children and had 2 miscarriages.

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Normal menstrual cycleDays: 21 to 35 days Ovulation Indicator: Regular cycles indicate that ovulation has occurred What Do Normal Cycles Tell Your Doctor?