What is a consistent system of equations

Solutions to systems of equations: consistent vs.... - Khan Academy
Aconsistentsystemofequations has at least one solution, and an inconsistent system has no solution. Watch an example of analyzing a system to see if it's consistent or inconsistent.

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Linear Algebra: Determine whether the following systemsof linear equations are consistent: (a) x -3y +2z + 2w = 1, 2x - 2z = 3, 4x - 6y +2z + 4w = 6; (b) x-3y+2z+2w=1, 2x-2z = 3

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Looking at a systemofequations with only one solution? That means that those equations intersect only at that one point. That kind of solution is called consistent and independent! This tutorial explains systems with one solution and even shows you an example!

What is a consistent linear system? + Example
A systemof linear equations is said to be consistent if there isa solution which satisfies all of the equations. For example, {(x+y = 1), (x+2y = 5):} has the solution {(x = -3), (y = 4):} and thus is consistent. The system {(x+y = 1), (2x+2y = 2):} has infinitely many solutions, as any (x,y) pair will.

Describe a consistent independent system of linear equations
Systemsof linear equations are simply two or more linear equations related to each other, whether it be through having similar variables or describing similar processes.