What is cc cream and bb cream

The Difference Between BB, CC and DD Creams - Fashionista
The alphabet formulations--like BBcream, CCcream, and soon DD creams--have joined tinted moisturizers and standard foundation on the shelves as potential skin-perfecting options. But what do they all (supposedly) do? What's the difference between them?

BB Cream vs. CC Cream vs. DD Cream: What’s the Difference?
BBcream, CCcream, and now DD cream: What on earth is the difference between these alphabet creams? While the names definitely sound similar, each pair of letters stands for a different abbreviation: beauty balm or blemish balm, color correcting, and daily defense.

What's The Difference Between BB And CC Cream?
While CCcreams are lighter than BBcreams, they actually provide more coverage. CC stands for "color correcting," and this cream is designed to

The 11 Best BB and CC Creams - Allure
Clinique Acne Solutions BBCream Broad Spectrum SPF 40. Your Focus: Breakouts. Though there are plenty of BB and CCcreams formulated for those with oily skin, Clinique's is made specifically for those with acne-prone skin, as well: The non-comedogenic formula expertly blurs large pores and.

What’s the Difference Between BB, CC, and DD Creams?
With BB, CC, and now DD creams lining store counters, makeup shopping is looking a lot like bra shopping. So how’s a girl to keep them all straight? Truth be told, there’s not a ton of differences between the various skin cream acronyms—but we do have favorites in each category.