What is equal protection of the laws

What is Equal Protection of the Law? (with pictures)
.EqualProtection Clause that found in the 14th Amendment ofthe U.S. Constitution provides that no state be allowed to deny any person equalprotectionofthelaws.

What is equal protection of the law
Equalprotection under thelaw refers to the notion that all menare created equal. Equalprotection requires equal treatment ofindividuals regardless of race

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Rights of individuals to have access to courts and laws with equal treatment from both. Equalprotectionofthelaw is similar to the right to due process of law, but specifically applies to fairness through equal treatment.

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"EqualprotectionofLaws" ~ This is a more positive concept implying equality of treatment in equal circumstances. Equals must be treated alike is the

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EqualProtection refers to the idea that a governmental body may not deny people equalprotectionof its governing laws. The governing body state must treat an individual in the same manner as others in similar conditions and circumstances. Permissible Discrimination.

Individual ‘s right of access to courts equal treatment under thelaw. Similar to the right to due process of law , equalprotectionofthelaw specifically focuses on fair, equal treatment.

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The TRAIN Law also violates the due process and equalprotectionofthelaw provisions ofthe Constitution, the rules on the origin of revenue laws

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The meaning oftheEqualProtection Clause has been the subject of much debate, and inspired the well-known phrase “Equal Justice Under Law”. This clause was the basis for Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, the Supreme Court based this to rid of racial segregation amongst discrimination.

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Equality before law means that no one is above thelawofthe land. Thus it has slightly negative connotation. It means that law does not discriminate on the basis of birth