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Face Value and Stock Shares

The face value of a stock or bond does not denote the actual market value. Market value is determined based on principles of supply and demand, often governed by what investors are willing to buy and sell a particular security for at a specific point in time.

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Here is the simple explanation about Face Value, Market Value and Book Value. Face Value: The Face Value of a security stated by the issuer. For stocks, it is the original cost of the stock shown on the certificate.

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What is Face Value? The cash denomination of the individual debt instrument. It is the amount of money that the holder o.

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Market Value of a share is the current price for which a share is being sold in a stock market.

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Skills to make money from the discrepancy of stock price vs stock value in the markets. Knowledge on why the traditional financial path is robbing investors of up to 78% of their future account value.

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When face value and par value are equal, it is said that the stock of this face value is available at par. At times, this par value is suddenly increased by the company introducing the shares, anticipating the stock to get a great opening when it is listed in the market.

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For example, a one troy ounce (31 g) American Gold Eagle bullion coin was worth and sold for about $1,200 USD during 2009 market prices (as of November 14, 2009[update]) and yet has a face value of only $50 USD.[1].

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Above Par The current price above face value. This generally occurs when the coupon paid on the bond is higher than the market interest rate for similar securities.

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The concepts of face value and market value influence stock and bond investors' trading behavior, causing them to favor investments that at first glance may seem to yield less than alternatives.

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For an equity security, face value is usually a very small amount that bears no relationship to its market price, except for preferred stock, in which case face value is used to calculate dividend payments.

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It is the original value of the stock shown in the share certificate. While company decided to raise fund through IPO.

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Face value is called as Nominal Value or Par Value. What is a Stock Exchange? Stocks of companies are bought and sold in an open market through stock brockers in a place called Stock Exchange.

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What are stock indices? From among the stocks listed on the exchange, some similar stocks are selected and grouped together to form an index.

Generally, they represent agreement to receive a certain

National stock exchange of india limited. Capital Market. FAQ on Corporate Bond. Date : September 29, 2011. 1. What are securities?

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In the case of common stock the par value per share is usually a very small amount such as $0.10 or $0.01 or $0.001 and it has no connection to the market value of the share of stock.

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Face Value and Market Value. A company's capital is subdivided into shares.

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Face value definition is - the value indicated on the face (as of a postage stamp or a stock certificate). How to use face value in a sentence.

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Stocks and bonds use different factors to determine their value. Stocks are inherently riskier, but carry more upside profit potential. Stocks are bought and sold on stock exchanges; bonds are bought through OTC markets.

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Stock markets in free market economies, like in the U.S, are a reliable indicator of economic performance. In an economy on the rise, companies make a profit, which will result in rising stock values.

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You'd laugh in their face. Why? Even if you haven't bothered to perform the actual intrinsic value calculation, you already know the market value he or she is offering is a mere fraction of that intrinsic value.

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Difference Between Market Value and Intrinsic Value. How Long Till a Savings Bond Matures at Face Value?

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Many government agencies regulate stock market speculation. The ability to sell a company's stock short in large groups can result in the company losing significant market value.

What is Face Value?

For example, in the case of stocks, the face value is the initial cost of the stock that is stated directly on the stock certificate.

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Investors can measure their exposure to systematic risk by determining how the value of their present stock portfolio has been affected by market movements.

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Topic: learning about learning in a stock market context. Conclusion: Think through your investment strategy seriously; exactly what is it, that is supposed to make you outperform some of the smartest and most driven people in the world?


Par-value preferred stock has a stated face value, and its annual dividend is speci-fied as a percentage of this value.

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This face value definition Investor Glossary Homepage. Simply click the copy button and paste the following code in the website/blog/forum of your choice.

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Liabilities on the other hand can be taken at face value or in some cases increased, if you have a good reason to believe that all liabilities are not faithfully reported.

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A stock market or equity market is a public entity for the trading of company stock and derivatives at an agreed price; these are securities listed on a stock

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In order to interpret stock market data, you need to know the meaning of the categories used in stock market international charts.

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Developing the Box Theory How I Made $ 2,000,000 In The Stock Market face, which proved to me that I needed more than a theory alone.

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Definition of the terms like Face value, initial public offering, Share price etc used share market.

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The better stock market screener programs for fundamentals will have the criteria mentioned above available. But as you can see, each variable has its drawbacks making the exercise of finding true value fairly difficult.

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Low equity stocks have actually a very low number of shares in the stock market. For example, if during public offerings the company issued 30 lac (30,00,000) shares of Rs.10 each (face value is 10) then equity is 30 lac * 10 = 3cr .

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The biggest risk we face as investors is in failing to educate ourselves about how investments may be able to help us achieve our financial goals and how to approach and plan the investing

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Bear Market A market in which stock prices are falling. Best-Efforts Underwriting A type of underwriting where the investment firm acts as an agent.

Face value

The face value of coins, stamps, or bill is usually its legal value. However, their market value need not bear any relationship to the face value.

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For example, Buffett bought GEICO stock after it declined from $60 to $2. The company faced a pos-sible bankruptcy and a growing number of

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A bond with a face value of $1000 whose price is 98 costs $980, plus any accrued interest due to the seller. That means if you buy a bond


An obvious difficulty with this hypothesis is that is is unclear how to measure risk or to know what transaction costs are faced by investors, or if these quantities are the same for all investors.

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1. Low Price in Relation to Asset Value Stocks priced at less than book value are purchased on the assumption that, in time, their market price will reflect at least their stated book value; i.e., what the company itself has paid for its own assets.

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When the stock you bought on margin drops in value so much that your maintenance requirement exceeds the equity in your account, we would issue a margin call.

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Face your fears of the stock market directly by learning the truths behind erroneous information you may have heard.

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Oscar Wilde. Stock market investors can broadly be defined as fitting one of a handful of categories, among them: value, growth, momentum and income. There are a thousand analysts who would beg to differ on that simplification so we will qualify it by saying that there are...

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Learn about stock values and the price/earnings ratio, PEG ratio, price/sales ratio and price/book ratio.

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l The value of these non-stock equity claims has to be subtracted from the value of equity before dividing by the number of shares outstanding.


Also review the list of ten challenges and opportunities that face stock investors (Chapter 24). This is a new chapter that I feel is critical for your investing strategy.

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Despite its prevalence, Stock Market prediction remains a secretive and empir-ical art. Few people, if any, are willing to share what successful strategies they have.


Responding to market conditions, advertisers are making offers more attractive and easier for consumers to redeem. While the average face value of distributed coupons declined slightly in 2013 (down 0.6 percent to $1.56), the average face value of redeemed coupons grew significantly (up...

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property) a. usually fmv 358(a)(2) b. but if debt, it is face value minus the amount of income that will be taxable if the obligation is satisfied in full 453B

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There you have the number-crunching, balance-sheet approach to finding value in the stock market.


A value of 25 means that a $100 STRIPS payment synthetically created by coupon pay-ments costs 25 cents more than $100 face value of the STRIPS.

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In this app you will learn how to invest like a value investor (Warren Buffet, Benjamin Graham and others) This proven stocks investment strategy is probably the best know way to beat the markets.

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Explain the basis of stock value. Identify the factors that affect earnings expectations. Analyze how market capitalization affects stock value.

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The Stock Picking Model only looks at the 50 stocks in the S&P 500 Index with the largest market cap.