What is that thing under your tongue called

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The structure located beneath the tongue is called the frenulum or lingual frenulum.

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Whatisthatthingcalled? I heard its called a leak, leek, somthing like that?

What is the thing under your tongue called?
The structure located beneath the tongue is called the frenulum or lingual frenulum. This thin membrane or band of tissue is oriented vertically to connect the tongue to the

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White Skin Tab undertongue floor of tongue - whatis this I was brushing my teeth and I noticed under my tongue on the floor of my mouth what

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Not Medical Advice: The vertical fold of mucous membrane under the tongue, attaching it to the floor of the mouth is called the frenulum.

stringy things under tongue
Several years, really. The thingunderyourtongue is classifed as the frenulum (fren - yuh - lum). I've had this stringy white growth on my tongue for quite some time now.

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What Causes a Red or Strawberry Tongue? There are multiple factors that can cause a normally

That Darn Lingual Frenulum! - The Queen's Speech
Did you know that "little web thing" underyourtongue has a purpose? Well it does, and it is pretty darn important.

Main Causes of Large Bumps on Back of the Tongue - IYTmed.com
Things that are more worrying would likely grow and cause other symptoms, pain with swallow, ear pain, problems swallowing, other lumps in the neck, voice changes.

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She called her surgeon who told her to take benedryl.Her hives remained with her until she went to her primary care physicianand he gave her a cortizone shot.I have seen others on this site who have said don''t have the cortizoneshot without your surgeon''s OK.All I know isthat it was the thing that cured.

What Does "Bite Your Tongue" Mean? (with pictures)
To bite yourtongue means to refrain from saying something that you have an urge to say.

What Are the Sticky Things Under a Cow's Tongue?
Cows' tongues are a marvel of evolutionary engineering nearly unique among herbivores.

What Causes Swollen Gland Under Tongue: How to Treat It Naturally
What Can Cause Swollen Gland UnderTongue? Swelling of salivary gland is the prominent reason for glandular swelling under the tongue.

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Whatis also interesting about tongue diagnosis isthat it is a useful way to track your own

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What isn't so great, however, is when our tongues develop strange-looking, often unexplainable conditions. Check out four of the weirdest things

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What anxiety causes is the _feeling _**of a swollen tongue. It causes the sensation that yourtongue is numb/uncomfortable and growing in size even though it isn't actually

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So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a

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i always called it the tongue web, can't remember the actual name though. as far as i can remember, cutting it will simply enable you to stick yourtongue out farther, and possibly improve your speech if you have a

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Those little pink and white bumps you do see on yourtongue are actually called papillae, hair-like projections that taste buds rest atop.

What Your Tongue is Trying to Say to You - Holistic Blends
What it can mean: This can be a tongue inflammation called glossitis.

6 Things Your Tongue Tells You - Men's Health
What it means: A healthy tongue is pink and relatively smooth with no lumps or bumps. Related: What It Means If You Feel a Lump On Your Balls.

What are those "chunky" things around your lips? : askscience
If you kinda bite down below bottom your lip you'll feel a buncha little tapioca-like things. Whatare they?

Soft white wart-like bump under my tongue - Dental Health - MedHelp
What bothers me isthat it's raised, I can move it back and forth, and almost looks like a tongue-colored/textured skin tag of sorts.

What Happens When You Burn Your Tongue? - Seeker
Burning yourtongue on hot food is one of thosethings-like stubbing your toe on the couch or stepping on a Lego-that are deceptively painful and can have lingering after effects. There are a number of different irritants that can cause glossitis, the medical term for when yourtongue gets.

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A healthy tongue is pink, but what if your whole tongue has a white film over it or you have strange

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How's that? Think of yourtongue as a bacteria sponge, spreading bad bacteria throughout the mouth and causing problems and disease, says Barbara

Your Tongue
Look in the mirror at what's underyourtongue and you'll see your frenulum (say: FREN-yuh-lum).

What does it mean if my tongue is white? - Cindy Flanagan DDS
The most important thingisthat when you notice a difference in your dental appearance, you

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So what helps a burnt tongue, blisters or the roof of your mouth heal fast? We know you want to heal your burnt tongue quickly, so here are some

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Whatis a yellow tongue and how do you get rid of it? Generally, a yellow tongue is harmless and goes away on its

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010. What YourTongue Says About Your Health. Ever wake up some mornings

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I am just wondering whatis known about this phenomenon, my wife is concerned that im going to get

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Here are some of the things doctors are checking for when they look at yourtongue.

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What causes bump undertongue? Get insights on the reasons for white, clear, red, painful and itchy bumps

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The Color of YourTongue -- What It Means Related Links Tongue Sore - Causes and Top 10

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Black tongue in cats can happen with injury, but it is more likely a result of an immune dysfunction which can be caused by yeast overgrowth or more serious infections.

Are there things to watch out for after a tongue-tie operation?
Most of what I have seen and read isthat there should be nothing major, and considering he was in for another

Why Does My Tongue Hurt - Causes & Solutions To Tongue Pain...
What Makes YourTongue Hurt? A healthy tongue usually appears pink and covered with papillae, which

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Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them." (Mark 11:22-24) Now

What are the little bead-like things you can feel under the skin inside...
That's not whatis described by the OP. They specifically say that the bumps are in their lips

Are you a supertaster: Look at your tongue - The Health Culture
The definitive tongue test for supertasting status is to count your papillae. If you have reinforcement stickers for punched paper, you can put one of those on yourtongue.

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If the tongue is fissured, cracked, or something called geographic (different all over, looks like a map) then that

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Symptoms, what we feel in your pulse and what we see on yourTONGUE = proper diagnosis.

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A dentist explains what a coating on tongue is, and what causes it. Is it something to worry about?

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Following from my posts this, and why some people are more likely to leave skid marks in the toilet than others and the Perfect Pooh, Dr McKeith in her book You are What You Eat, describes how yourtongue can also tell you a number of things about your health.

Root Tongue Tension a Singers Worst Nightmare! - Vocal Coach Dylan
In singing there are few things that give so many problems as root tongue tension.

What affects tongue length?
So what can affect tongue length? Well, the biggest factor is probably how you measure it.

What Does it Mean When Your Tongue is Coated White?
What a Healthy Tongue Should Look Like. A healthy tongue is usually pink, and smooth.

The Basics of Tongue Analysis - What To Look For
What to do: If this is what yourtongue looks like you need to take extra time to take care of yourself. It would be wise to begin some sort of practice into your

What is Tongue Thrust? - Speech Buddies Blog
Tongue thrust is an orofacial myofunctional disorder (OMD). Formerly called reverse swallow or deviate swallow, tongue thrust refers to the tongue pressing up against the teeth or between them while swallowing. Some tongue thrusters move the tongue inappropriately to the sides.

5 Reasons to Scrape Your Tongue Every Day - Savory Lotus
A tongue scraper (also called a tongue cleaner or tongue brush) is an oral hygiene device designed to clean off bacteria, food debris, fungi, and dead cells from the surface of yourtongue.

5 Wacky Things That Are Good for Your Health - Tongue Scraping
Tongue scraping also reduces the chances of developing dental caries, gum disease and even colds. Note, however, that tongue scraping's usefulness doesn't open the door to all ayurvedic practices, such as drinking cow urine for what

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A tongue scraper is a tool used to help clean yourtongue. Tongue scrapers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and work by starting at

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My tongue moves my food around when I'm eating. If I look closely at my tongue I can see it is covered in little bumps. These bumps are called taste buds and they help me