What is the largest hurricane ever recorded

What is the largest hurricane ever recorded?
Presently, Hurricane Wilma isthe strongest Atlantic hurricaneeverrecorded, after reaching an intensity of 882 mbar (hPa; 26.05 inHg) in October 2005; this also made Wilma the strongest tropical cyclone worldwide outside of the West Pacific, where seven tropical cyclones have been recorded to.

Biggest Hurricanes in History
Whatisthelargesthurricaneeverrecorded? The Great Hurricane of 1780 caused the most deaths, resulting in over 20,000 lives lost. However, other less deadly hurricanes have wrought unspeakable damage to infrastructure, leading to massive displacement, job loss, and economic upheaval.

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Whatisthe strongest hurricaneeverrecorded in the southern hemisphere? How high arethe highest recorded waves ever kicked up by a hurricane?

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Thelargest typhoon on recordisthe Super Typhoon Tip, which formed in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean in the fall of 1979. It would have covered half of the United States if it had hit land, as it reached 1,380 miles wide. Typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones are all the same type of storm; they.