What is the story of elder scrolls online

Main Story Is Bad? — Elder Scrolls Online
The main storyofElderScrollsOnline is poorly designed, in my opinion. It is extremely linear, close to no character development, does not build on the relationship between player and character

How good is the story? — Elder Scrolls Online
The alliance stories DO have a primary and several large storylines. To summerize, they do the alliance justice by setting tones, themes, motivations and illustrating setting

"What if Elder Scrolls Online was Good?" (Part 2) - Main Story...
Unlike previous entries in the Ideal Elderscrolls series that look at applying a bandaid to mechanics and storyline concepts to make them better, this is a total rebuild ofElder

ESO - What is the Strongest Class in Elder Scrolls Online
Dragonknight isthe strongest tank class, with a lot of utility, crowd control and sustain options. They mitigate the most damage passively and they have the best self-sustain while tanking, blocking and so on. Alternatively other classes can be great tanks too, but if you want to focus primarily on tanking.

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Here at ZeniMax Online I work closely with the content teams on characters, story, and dialogue to ensure consistency with the ElderScrolls world and tone, and to help flesh out new lore that fits comfortably with the old. I consult on a daily basis with the Concept group in the Art department about.

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ElderScrollsOnline took first place on almost every site. That’s a great achievement for ZeniMax and Bethesda. Do you remember Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim? These titles became legends for many players. I spent hours playing these games and many other RPG lovers are still talking about them.