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How to Care for Baby Guinea Pigs: 12 Steps (with Pictures)
Whether you purchase a babyguineapig (pup) from your local pet store or have a female guineapig at home that has recently given birth, you will need to know what is involved in properly caring for pups. When properly cared for and attended to, pups will grow up to become happy and healthy adults that.

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3) - My friends guineapig just hadbabies and they had 4. They went out and came back 4 hours later and they were just lying there dead, I'm wondering if u know what might of happened? - Without knowing more details, i couldn't tell you what happened. If they were alive when born, then it may.

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Guineapigs generally have between one and four babies, or pups, in each litter, according to Guinea Lynx. However, on rare occasions, a mother guineapig, also called a sow, can have seven or more pups in a litter. The gestation period for guineapigs lasts between 59 and 73 days.