What to do with a child with a fever

Fever in Children When to Worry: Causes, Treatment, & Home...
Diagnosis of Fever in Children. After arriving in the clinic or emergency department, a nurse will determine how quickly the child needs to be seen by a doctor.

How to Deal With a Child's Fever Naturally: 8 Steps
Dealing withachild's fever can be complicated, and there are many different ways to handle it. The method outlined here involves dealing with these fevers naturally. This may be hard to put into practice, but if you give this method of dealing with your child’s fever a try.

Fever in Children: When to Worry, What to Do
What’s been your experience with children and fever? Stay Tuned! Coming up: how to get afever down, the 6 most likely reasons your child has afever and mistakes people make when using a thermometer. (Subscribe to updates below.) Photo: Flickr/MikeWebkist.

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Fever is thought to help interfere with the growth of some infections and help boost the body's immune system response. The American Academy of Pediatrics describes fever as "a positive sign that the body is fighting infection." What Causes Fever? Most parents think 'infection' when their child has a.

Child with a fever? What should you do?
If you have achildwithafever and you rush to get rid of that high temperature, however, the bad stuff can take hold again. This prolongs the illness by keeping the enemy around and giving them opportunities to multiply and spread. This means that, unfortunately, many good-meaning parents are.