What type of volcano is the most dangerous

What is the most dangerous type of volcano
Themostdangeroustypesofvolcanoesare Dormant Volcanoes becausethey erupt frequently. Additionally, volcanoes that haven't eruptedin over one hundred years can be very dangerous. This is because ifa volcano hasn't erupted in one hundred years that means that themagma chamber.

What is the most dangerous type of volcano on Earth?
Which volcanoisthemostdangerous depends on your definition of dangerousness. A good measure isthe total volcanic risk posed by the volcano. That in turn is best described as the integrated overall value of the product between the likelihood of an eruption of a given size and the.

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When assessing which volcanoesarethemostdangerous in the world, however, several factors come into play, including population density surrounding active volcanoes, the typesof magma that emerge during eruptions and each volcano’s eruption history. For example, an explosive volcanic.

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One of themost common typesofvolcanoesisthe cinder cone. Less dangerous compared to other types, cinder cones only grow to about 1,000-1