Why are these plants called air plants

Why are these plants called air plants
Airplantsareplants from the family Tillandsia. Theseplants grow in wet environments and do not need soil to grow and instead take up all the nutrients they need from water… in the air, hence their name "airplant".

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TheseplantsarecalledAirPlants. Their true name are Tillandsia. The reason why they are nicknamed "AirPlants" is because they get the majority of their nutrients from the air.

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Vascular plantsare green plants, but not all green plantsare vascular. First Green PlantsThe fossil record indicates that the first green plants, or

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The Ambius Plant Doctor explains whyplants need air and how air plays an important role in a plant maintaining good health and appearance.

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Plants that float on the surface or slightly below the surface of water arecalled floating hydrophytes. Theseplantsare in contact with both water and air.

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Airplantsare epiphytes, meaning plants that grow without dirt. Airplants attach themselves to rocks, trees, shrubs, or the ground with their roots and are native to the southern United States, Mexico, Central America, and South America. There are several types of airplants: Those with silver foliage.