Why should managers pay attention to informal groups

IELTS Task 2 - mass media should pay more attention to ordinary...
The media pay too much attentionto the lives and relationships of celebrities such as actors, singer or footballers. They should spend more time reporting the lives of ordinary people instead. To what extent do you agree or disagree? The mass media plays an essential role to spread the information to the.

Why do people pay attention to fads and fashion trends
Why dont people payattentionto you? Answer should be a counter question: whyshould they? They do if they find something of interest to them in you.

Why You Should Pay Attention To Facebook Groups - YouTube
Join groups that are relevant to your niche. Be helpful with those in your Facebook groups—answer their questions and promote one another depending on the type of group that it is.

Why Everyone Should Pay Attention To The News
But why is it important that we concern ourselves with the daily happenings of the world, especially when it can be so bleak? As citizens of the United States, it is our job to be concerned about what is happening in our country so we can make informed opinions on what we believe is best for our country.